Friday, November 14, 2014

More Time Needed to Reach Nuclear Compromise - Russia

Iran’s state-run Press today prominently quoted Russia’s foreign ministry spokesman as saying on Friday that, More time may be needed for Iran nuclear deal. The piece is a representative of the Iranian media coverage of nuclear talks days prior to the 24 November deadline. The general expectation is that the current interim agreement will be extended for 4-6 months, with some added agreements and sanctions reliefs, a JPOA+ of sort.

“It is not completely ruled out that more time could be needed to reach a mutually beneficial compromise,” said Alexander Lukashevich, the Russian foreign ministry spokesman. (Press TV, 14 November)

Meantime, some hardliners are already coming out against an agreement altogether: Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahedi Kermani, Khamenei’s representative to the IRGC, said at Friday Prayers that failure to reach a nuclear deal is better than tolerating U.S. offers, which he characterized as “oppressive.” He added that Iran will not retreat an “iota” from its nuclear R&D and uranium enrichment programs.

Iran and P5+1 will resume last round of talks on 18 November, just six days prior to the expiration of the current agreement, JPOA.


Anonymous said...'s blatantly clear that Russia does not want Iran to be freed from sanctions...Iran's continued demise is hugely beneficial to Russia...and the parasitical clergy which currently has imprisoned the people of Iran, resists an agreement purely because they fear their egos might take a hit, so they rather have the masses pay for what is their own insolence. The clerical stooges and their minions inside Iran should be hanged, drawn and quartered for bringing the country to the brink of ruin (socialy and economicaly) and for having commited high treason towards the Iranian population!!!

Anonymous said...

" He added that Iran will not retreat an “iota” from its nuclear R&D and uranium enrichment programs."

yeah, that pretty much sums up the sort of spirit that makes compromise unlikely.

the answer for that position is "Let them eat enriched uranium."