Friday, November 21, 2014

Sattar Khan Blvd overpass in Shiraz, newly constructed

Night view with special lighting effects for newly constructed Sattar Khan Blvd overpass in Shiraz

Overpass viewed from NW, with splits toward Motohari Blvd and Radfar St. Seen at background left is Dr. Khodadoust Eye Hospital.

Subterranean access for Motahari Blvd, providing visual for three levels of roadway. Note decorative details at entrance wall; unexpected for a heavily sanctioned economy.

Sattar Khan Blvd overpass pier with adjacent accommodations for pedestrians; another degree of detail unexpected for a heavily sanctioned economy.

View atop Sattar Khan Blvd overpass, with detail of guard rails, illumination and curb signage

Google map of newly constructed Sattar Khan Blvd overpass in Shiraz (click to enlarge)

Photos: Hamed Sedighpour at


Anonymous said...

gooooooollly gee

not just big hunks of concrete but all them 'lectric lights too!!!!!

it's all so pretty!!!

this is just the bestest

Anonymous said...

I would not dismiss every Iranian achievement with frivolous comments. As Mark mentioned all the new domestic infrastructure is a testament to resilience of an economy under all kinds of adversity and economic sanctions and pressure since 1979. This is indeed a great construction project by Iranians and for Iranians, sanctions or not.

Anonymous said...

no, my friend, a highway overpass is neither a "great construction project" nor any real " Iranian achievement".

it's not of anything at all.

just as bus depots and shopping malls are not worth celebrating or even of any interest.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so jealous..Try to understand the reality. The aim of imposed sanctions from the west specially US was and indeed is to stop Iran to become a modern, well developed and prosperous country that stands out in the world and in the region. But Iranian is showing their ability. We are a proud of being Iranian and do not forget that we will continue to get better and better everyday hour, day, month and year. ÚS and west will one day understand that what they did was completely wrong. We are nor Saudies or other cheater. Everything should base on friendship and mutual respect

Anonymous said...

The stupidity of making fun of infrastructure projects in Iran is
1) these should have all been built during World War II or even before by the Qajars and Pahlavis. Those 2 dynasties were too busy wasting Irans money building castles and beefing up the royal classic and sportscar collections, thus most of Irans major highways and all of its subways had to be built after the revolution because the lame duck monarchs werent going to do it.

2) The US's infrastructure is in shambles and hasnt really been updated since FDR. 70% of US bridges are in danger of collapsing and many do every year. American roads, tunnels and bridges are unsafe and over the last 10 years the American Society of Civil Engineers has given US
infrastructure a grade of "D". 72,000 bridges in the US are in danger of collapsing.

This CBS report is very scary

and Anonymous 3:335 projects like the Sadr Expressway, the niyayesh tunnel and the Tehran metro are worth celebrating because they decrease traffic, decrease pollution and are about 100 years overdue.

At least Iran is building its infrastructure instead of allowing it to decay like the US does.