Thursday, November 13, 2014


Comprehensive Nuclear Deal Unlikely by Deadline - Report
Despite a year of negotiations, Iran and six major powers are unlikely to meet the 24 November deadline to reach a final and comprehensive nuclear deal, Iranian and Western officials told Reuters tonight.

The two sides would probably settle for another JPOA-type interim agreement that builds on the current limited sanctions relief, also dubbed JPOA+.

The sticking points remain Iran’s enrichment capacity, translated in the number and types of centrifuges it could operate, and the speed of lifting existing sanctions, especially on oil exports and the banking and insurance sectors.


Anonymous said...

sanction relief ain't forthcoming without a large-scale deal.

Iran will be fortunate if further sanctions aren't imposed in six months

Anonymous said...

Shame on Obama if he gives the tyrannical Mollah Regime any further sanctions relief.

Anonymous said...

The mullahs are not impacted by the sanctions, but the ordinary people are and Iranians are getting poorer and poorer and it seems that is the goal of 5+1, but they will be surprised soon.