Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Iran Builds Its First Oil Tanker – Exports to Venezuela (2)

Photos of Iran's Aframax oil tanker in stages of development


Iran is in the process of launching its first domestically produced Aframax tanker constructed by the Iran Marine Industrial Co. (SADRA) at the Bushehr island shipyard. The current ship is reportedly 113-tons and will be  delivered to Venezuela in the following year.

In building the ship, Iran originally contracted Polish advisers in January 2008 but were eventually replaced by a South Korean engineering company, according to Iran's PressTV and other open sources.

Reza Abdolmajid, a SADRA spokesman, says the ship costs around 52 million Euros to manufacture; however Venezuela reportedly paid 110 million Euros for each of the four Aframax ships on order.

Abdolmajid went on to say that SADRA was currently working on two Aframax tankers concurrently and noted that they were 60 and 22 percent complete.

Photos: Mehr News Agency, Sadra and OSGEOINT


Anonymous said...

South Korean engineering company helped in its construction.
South Korea has come a long way since the 1970s when their GDP was much lower than Iran's.
For instance the South Korean car industry is much newer than Iran's yet look how far they have reached compared to our country still building 1980s cars under license, such as the 405 etc.Also SAMAND is a 405 underneath and so are the models that followed it.
South Korea runs rings around Iran in every field of industry, banking and commerce.Shame because Iran used to have the largest growth rate in Asia after Japan.
So if you look at it this way that oil tanker which has been built should have been achieved over twenty five years ago not now. This boils down to propaganda by the regime which can't help even feed the downtrodden Iranian nation or even sell the oil at actual market value.
Realities on the ground is that matters and that means the price of bread,meat and so on.People are very angry in Iran due to the rising costs including housing jobs if any.Truly shambolic in every which way you look at it.
The Soviet Union used to have propaganda like this and look what happened to them.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Venezuela will be exporting a whole lot more oil than Iran.
Even Iraq is second in OPEC after Iran has been relegated to third position due to sanctions.
Anon 2:12 PM Iran's economy was growing at nearly 25 to 40 per cent a year unheard then! And even China at 12 per cent per year at its height is a mere dwarf when compared to Iran in the 1970s.

Unknown said...

Better late than never!

Lets keep in mind that the first oil tanker in the world, ‘Zoroaster’, was launched in 1878.’

I will be looking forward to Iran's first home made smart phone in 100 years, I'm sure it will look just like the iPhone and perform just as good!

The successive regimes in iran fail to recocgnize that most Iranians make their inventions and achievements in other countries (mostly the west) because the business environment Iran is corrupt and there is no free enterprise.

If the government of Iran really wants to see innovation and progress they should stop trying to control every aspect of society and the economy, they will be shocked to see what an average person and business is capable of doing.

Anonymous said...

Anon July 24, 2012 2:12 PM,

Please keep in mind that our leaders in Iran are following the NORTH Korean business model......not the SOUTH Korean business model....LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Is this a full sized one? If so that's incredible.

Anonymous said...

@Jabber Fazeli

Do you remember Melli Shoes and Iran National cars created by talented private enterprise in the 1960s?
Now shoes are imported from China.
And pretty soon our car industry will be destroyed by these idiots as well.

Anonymous said...

"Now shoes are imported from China."

Do you want sanctions or not? Try to be coherent.

Anonymous said...

Now shoes are imported from China."

why iran should not import chinese shoes if all other world to it ?

why iran should not learn from north korea or south corea, if the corean SHIP INDUSTRIE IS TOP IN THE WORLD ?

Why iran should make Smart phones
investing some billion $ and will have no chance against Iphone ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:11 PM

Why can't Iran export shoes to China???
I don't care for the world only Iran.
Why was Iran's shoe industry destroyed by this stupid backward regime when we used to make top quality designer shoes when the Chinese used to wear one type of shoe with their Mao suits?
In fact the way you sound,why should Iran produce oil and gas if we can buy it from Central Asia or Qatar?
This regime imports even taspeas made in China. Why? Because the IRGC makes more profits in importing than producing pleasing their new masters in China.
And do you know why South Korea is top in the world?
Because they haven't got the stupid selfish backward and dogmatic religious mentality that is presently overruling our country.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:55 PM

You haven't got a clue have you?
I was discussing manufacturing in Iran and the result of having a backward and primitive mind set that is prevailing temporarily in our country that has lead to the destruction of our local economy.
Is that coherent enough for you?

Anonymous said...

now iran is one of the few countries who can construct super tanker, sure a great achievment for iranian industrie

coming the jealous ex iranian and
drivel about shoes and smart phones

Anonymous said...

"why Iran should not import chinese shoes if all other world do it?"

Ha Ha Ha Ha!!
So if everybody else jumps into a deep dark well you should do it as well?!

Unknown said...

@anon 6.43
I actually do remember Meli shoes. Sadly, It was at the Same time of the moon landing of the USA.

I hope Iranians will start getting past celebrating mediocracy. The future, a free one, holds so much more promise than the past. Iranians are just as capable as any other nation of achieving, if only the Government would just step out of the way.

Iran doesn't need to invest money in a smart phone, but if a young entrepreneur wants to start an IT company to produce smart phones in Tehran, they shouldn't have to bribe anyone and shouldn't have to dress like a huzbullahi in order to adnace their business.

Anonymous said...

"coming the jealous ex iranian and drivel about shoes and smart phones"

If you would have read what I wrote you would have noticed I never mentioned smart phones.

There is no such thing as a "jealous ex iranian". But there is such a thing as a non Iranian and you are a non Iranian because of your support of a backward anti Iranian regime.

So in future keep your dross to yourself pal.

Anonymous said...

Mullah lead Iranian shipping firm close to collapse.

A joint Iranian Indian shipping firm which was founded over 40 years ago before the so-called "revolution"is very close to collapse due to fanatical backward turnip headed Fascist Mullahcracy.
The way things are going even donkeys will be imported into the country from China.
Oh wait a minute didn't Khomeini say "economics is for donkeys"and his donkeys are running our country.
Now lets not insult the poor donkeys which are very useful, unlike the fat bellied and greedy mullahs which have ruined our country.

BMA said...

People here are trying to distort the truth about the achievement of the IRANIAN NATION amid sanctions!.but many readers here are able to sift the charf from the peas about IRAN.THE ISLAMIC REGIME WILL CONTINUE TO SILENCE ITS CRITICS AND ENEMIES in a noble method -i mean through such mind bogling scientific undertakings!!.

Anonymous said...

That's right BMA Iranians know the truth from the chaff.
And it is the chaff that are the ones that come on this blog and praise the fascist Islamic regime.
We don't need to be told by outsiders what we should believe or disbelieve in what is really happening in our country.

Anonymous said...

Shah had 26 quiet years to develop the country, as opposite to the Islamic Republic, which has to struggle against the war supported by the West, continuous blackmail and sanctions...

The Shah, despite those quiet years, was somehow not able to manufacture big tankers like today the IRI does. He did not launch any satellite too.

South Korea or others have had over 50 years without any war or restrictions to develop themselves.

Despite restrictions, the Islamic Republic had succeeded in development of modern military industries and vast civilian infrastructures which include subways, numerous tunnels and roads.

Government supports inventions of scientists and young inventors.
For instance, the government invited numerous amateur teams, with their unmanned drones, to compete for the estabilished requirements. The four best teams then, were sponsored for a further developent of their projects.

The IRI has built numerous small submarines and is about to launch a new medium size submarine soon.

Did shah's period, in a total achievements, had greater achievemnts than those of the islamic Republic?
I do not think so !!!

Anonymous said...

Cretinous post,full of misinformation.