Sunday, July 29, 2012

Between Two Wars

We’re talking a three- or four-dimensional structure, a Middle East style Rubik’s cube. Into this structure, Israel is dragging quite a few political complexities acquired over the recent years...
Campaign in the north which would include a ground move and a massive investment of air power is going to come at the expense of our ability to attack Iran. The home front, by the way, is not ready yet.”

An Israeli perspective by Ofer Shelah (Ma’ariv)
Translated by Viktoria Lymar (IranEdge)

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Mark Pyruz said...

These Israeli perspectives in IranEdge are difficult to understand.

At great expense, the Israelis have already failed in Lebanon twice. This writer entertains a third attempt over transfer of CW stocks? I can't see a scenario where Syrian CW stocks are transfered to Lebanon. 1) if the KSA-backed Salafi fighters win in Syria, they won't be sharing with Shiite Hezbollah. And 2) if the regime wins, they'll assume the same stance with Hezbollah as before.

Really, when one reads such an alarmist and unrealistic Israeli perspective such as this, it actually serves to underline comments by various Iranian military leaders where they qualify a reduced Israeli standing should they launch such wars.

Anonymous said...

Mr Uskowi , thank you for linking to this. very worthwhile.-----

and completely unsurprising that your Pyruz finds it difficult to understand..

can't see much of the sky when you're far down the well.