Friday, July 13, 2012

Baghdad in Talks with Syrian Opposition and Government - FM

Iraq’s Foreign Minister Hoshiar Zebari said during an interview with Al Arabiya that Baghdad was in talks with both the Syrian government and the opposition.
“(We) have held meetings with Syrian opposition, and have relations with the Syrian government (at the same time),” Zebari said. (Al Arabiya, 13 July)

Zebari added that Iran does not have any role in formulating Iraq’s policy toward Syria.
“Iran does not control a national, political Iraqi decision.”

Zebari described “what is happening in Syria as important to [Iraq],"
adding, "that the [Iraqi government] is afraid that the conflict to widen to become a full-fledged sectarian war.”

Photo Credit: Iraq’s Foreign Minister Hoshiar Zebari / Al Arabiya

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Mark Pyruz said...

From Iran's perspective, this is quite useful. Iran has made overtures in Turkey to speak with the opposition, but for a variety of reasons the opposition refused. That the Iraqis can do so serves a similar if not shared interest.