Sunday, July 22, 2012

Israel PM Reiterates Accusation Against Iran on Bulgaria Bombing

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today said on CBS’s "Face the Nation" that last week's bombing in Bulgaria that killed five Israeli tourists was committed by Hezbollah with the support of Iran.

"We have unquestionable, fully-substantiated intelligence that this was done by Hezbollah backed by Iran," Netanyahu said. (, 22 July)

"We've been witnessing over the last two years an Iranian-sponsored global campaign, along with its sidekick Hezbollah, to launch terror attacks against Israelis," Netanyahu added. "They've been doing this now around the world for the last year or two, basically getting away with murder, because nobody really pointed the finger." 

Meanwhile, the Bulgarian police is investigating two more suspects in the attack on the Israelis. The Bulgarian daily Standard Sunday quoted police sources as saying that the two suspects were to backup and control the suicide bomber at Burgas airport. The identity of the suicide bomber was still unclear.


Mark Pyruz said...

I find it difficult to categorically rule out the bomber's nationality as Bulgarian, as the Bulgarian PM has done. Let the investigators make their determinations.

Now I realize genotypes are nearly always misleading, but the suspect in the video does not appear of ME origin. He actually resembles Bulgarians I've known.

Anonymous said...

He's BAAAACK!!! Anyone that read my posts for the past few months have noticed that I have been one step ahead of the events.

The designation “most powerful man on earth” is the reason why the Cold War broke out led by nuclear activists like these Atom spies: Morris Cohen, Klaus Fuchs, Ethel & Julius Rosenberg, David Greenglass, George Koval and Theodore Hall. Prominent men-of-conscience understood that the world can ill-afford another leader with a Napoleon complex after witnessing what Adolf Hitler was able to wrought pre-Atomic age. Despite desperate attempts throughout the years, no American president was able to attain this ALMIGHTY designation even with their endless wars and security interests at every corner of the world – for the prospect of Mutual Self-assured Destruction (MuSaD) has always been the Great deterrent (1945-1953 …the Red Scare era). That is why they are self-anointed as “the leader of the free world,” which is a much lesser subset of the whole.

On the 66th year of Hitler's demise (11/03/11 & 3/24/12), dumb luck and loose lips mixed with electoral short-sightedness have created the perfect storm that's about to unleash the Beast. Putin's belated attempt to scare Bibi back into the beast-bottle, Post-Moscow, may be a tad too late. If this liberal reporter's psychological profile of Bibi is correct then a Netanyahu is in 'full grace' by now.

Larry Derfner, concludes: “There’s one other thing that convinces me Bibi’s going to do it:  He has this Roman air about him now. He has this flat stare, he talks quietly, with little expression – as if it’s beneath his station to exert himself, as if all he has to do is be there for everyone and everything to arrange itself according to his will, which is unerring. He’s always been a hugely arrogant, vain person, the power and prestige have always gone straight to his head – but he’s never had such power and prestige as he has now, and his head is the size of the sun. Obama is nothing to him, America is nothing to him, other people’s opinions are nothing to him. He’s invincible. He will do what he wants to do, when he wants to do it.” This is the clinical definition of a schizotypal personality disorder.

How I wish the patterns unfolding before my very eyes are the false signs of the Apocalypse.