Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Iran Builds Its First Oil Tanker – Exports to Venezuela

Iran launched its first domestically built oil tanker. The oil tanker was ordered by Venezuela, becoming the first Iranian ship to be exported.

“The production of the aframax ship is the first export shipbuilding activity of Iran, and we must continue by attracting more customers,” said Mehdi Etesam, managing director of Iran Maritime Industrial Company SADRA, the builder of the oil tanker. The tanker can carry up to 700,000 barrels of oil. (Fars News Agency, 24 July)


Anonymous said...

Well done Iran. I am sure without political independence Iran would not be here today.

Anonymous said...

That is a great achievement...there does not seem to be anything left that the Iranians cannot do.

mat said...

Iran's capabilities ranging from the 'downing' of the U.S., world's most advanced stealth spy drone RQ-170 Sentinel onto iranian soil by electronic warfare system's engineers and technicians in december, 2011 to the 'blinding' of a CIA spy satellite, by aiming quite accurately with a laser. According to the report, several european intelligence sources claim Iran is in possession of satellite jamming technology. This unreported incident might suggest that the iranians have successfully gained access to the so-called 'jamming tecnology'. Report published by many western sources.

Note: It is extremely wrong to underestimate Iran's own class of capabilities. The fact is, no one knows what Iran does really have in its possessions, even the Pentagon itself. For Iran, with all its 'know-how' technologies, its first home-built oil tanker is absolutely nothing. So keep all your eyes and minds open and never ever close them at all. Go IRAN go.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:01 AM

Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Iran has been here for two thousand six hundred years since Cyrus the Great and will still be here after these anti Iranian charlatans with their minions are long gone!