Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Great Prophet 7 Maneuvers (1)

Shahab-3 medium-range ballistic missiles prepped for launch

Shahab-3 MRBM aboard a transport erector launcher

Shahab-3 ("Meteor-3") MRMB launch

Jubilant IRGC-ASF missile crewmen react to Shahab-3 launch

Shahab short-range ballistic missile launch

Fateh-110 series short-range ballistic missile launch

Fateh-110 seties SRBMs aboard their mobile launcher vehicles

Fateh ("Conqueror") type SRBM in flight

IRGC-AF operated SU-25K and SU-25UBK close air support aircraft

IRGC-AF operated Embraer T-27 Tucano (EMB-312) light attack aircraft


Video: Press TV 

Hamed Jafarnejad and Hassan Mousavi at Fars News Agency
Mehr News Agency
Islamic Republic News Agency


Anonymous said...

The regime thinks by hiding behind a few fire crackers they can stop the whirlwind of change sweeping through the region.

Anonymous said...

More fang displays since last I spoke. The Iranians have to abandon the rope-a-dope strategy imposed by its so-called allies (Russia & China).

My last post on PressTV reads: "This news that a Sejjil can now match a Jericho III truly honors the memory of Maj. Gen. Tehrani Moqaddam (11/12/11). The soul of this Iranian hero can now rest in peace."

This headline does not happen in a vacuum. On June 24, 2012, FARSnews quoted a Senior Commander, Hossein, as saying "I announce very decisively that we have made this achievement that we can hit all mobile targets with 100% success." This article goes on to brag on their new ability to define "a radius of deterrence" because they have succeeded in correcting the flaws that killed General Moqaddam with the announcement of a third generation of Iranian-made Sejjil missiles.

The "third generation" wording is very important. Jericho III is a third generation ICBM with a 10,000 km range, which the Israeli test-launched on 11/02/11! Fast-forward, the Great Prophet 7 war games are designed for the Cowboy to watch and enjoy the arsenal (the Sejjil III will not be televised on PressTV - this is strictly a military-to-military communication VIA satellite reconnaissance). The Iranians want a fight.

I repeat for those who cannot analyze Iranian military posture (especially when they love to brag), THEY HAVE A LOT OF FANGS TO DISPLAY. The Israelites know this, the Cowboy knows this, and Putin knows this. I can go on, but why waste words?


Anonymous said...

The bisavad IRGC "general" has said that they can destroy US bases in the region.
Doesn't this "general" and bache akhund know that if that ever happens the US will flatten every installation standing in Iran.
Once again what this tells us is that the people that are in charge of our country are nothing but a bunch of Palestinian,Iraqi and Lebanese Islamist occupiers who have no regard for Iranian culture or well being.
Yek mosht bache akhund bisavad va Arabzadeh.

TLAM Strike said...

The Jericho III missile is not a 3rd Generation ICBM its a 4th Generation ICBM. The III is simply because its the 3rd missile in the series. Israel was not yet founded when the development of ICBMs started and thus had not 1st Generation ICBM.

The Jericho III has a range of 11,500 km, the Sejill has a maximum min energy range of only 3,500 km. Meaning the Jericho has the ability to either be fired on a depressed trajectory under Iranian radar or lofted above it. The same capability is doubtful for the Sejill-3.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the tarps covering the cabs of the trucks and missile launchers - They are doing this to hide the Mercedes chassis cabs they have whose construction in Iran was supposed to have halted according to sanctions.