Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Iran in Talks with Syrian Opposition - FM

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said today in Tehran that Iran has been in contact with the Syrian opposition since last year and is ready to host a meeting between the opposition and the Assad government.

“We have been in contact with the opposition since last year and we are ready to host their dialogue with the Syrian government,” Salehi said. “The best way to resolve the Syrian issue is for the opposition to reach an agreement with the government,” he added. (IRNA)

Meanwhile, Iran’s defense ministry denied reports that Iran is planning to send troop s to Syria to help Assad, saying Syrian government and military can handle “terrorists.”


Mark Pyruz said...

Their initial attempt in Turkey was reportedly rebuffed.

The opposition is so fragmented into literally dozens of groups, one wonders which group or groups is in contact with the Iranians.

It would be extraordinary for the Iranians to send military units to Syria., there would be so many challenges integrating them into the Syrian OB. The Syrian military and security forces have been holding remarkably well but they face the prospect of various forms of attrition.

These types of conflicts are difficult to predict but last year I figured this might turn into a war along the lines of that previously seen in Algeria. Still difficult to tell if the result will be the same, but the duration of the conflict appears headed that way.

Anonymous said...

the way it appears to be heading, Pyruz, is the direction of the Assad regime losing control of the country and being forced into a pocket...and the direction of somebody convincing Bashir to take his family and leave, or, failing that, having somebody from the Syrian ruling clique putting two behind Bashir's ear.

this is much more likely to go the way of Libya than Algeria.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha!!

Islamic terrorist regime to share "experience and capabilities" with Syrian regime.
I presume the Islamic Fascist Mullahcracy is going to teach Assad's regime how to steal rape and murder?
Oh,they know that already!

Anonymous said...

those with dignity for humen life and justice wouldn't lough

the biggest crimes and the fascists approach from Hitler to Zionism has been in the name of freedom and democracey like the last ten years of western wars and support for regimes like egypt, even syria in the early 2000s

so western hyypocrits have no bounds

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:01 PM

What do you know about dignity and human life when you support a fascist Islamic regime that kills thousands of its own people in the name of waring against Allah and at the same time gives comfort to that mass murdering Assad regime.

That's why I laugh because I laugh at people like you.