Saturday, July 14, 2012

Iran Will Soon Make Embargo Ineffective – Oil Minister

Iran’s Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi said today in Tehran that his office has drawn up plans to make EU embargo of Iranian oil ineffective. Qasemi did not disclose any details on how the plans will work, but the Iranian officials had earlier said they are organizing a consortium of private companies to bypass the embargo. (

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Anonymous said...

For years Iran thought BP to nationalize its oil.
Now you have a thuggish mullah driven theocracy run by Khamenei and son with his henchman privatizing our oil and banking our money into their big fat bank accounts.
CONSORTIUM of PRIVATE COMPANIES means the breakup of NIOC something the oil cartel had in mind to destroy Iran.
Using the excuse of sanctions as a pretext and cover to lose the account book by privatizing and handing the industry to his son Mojtaba.
This is a sorry day in Iranian history in fact we should weep for what has happened to our country.
Mark my words this is an earth shattering moment with unforeseen consequential effects on the future of the Islamic regime as a whole.