Sunday, July 1, 2012

Iran Central Bank Says It Has Plans to Confront Sanctions

Iran Vice President Calls for Resilience 

The Iranian officials today assured the nation that they have stored up enough hard currency to outlast the EU oil embargo and insurance ban that went into effect today.

"We have not remained passive. To confront the sanctions, we have plans in progress," said Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Governor Mahmoud Bahmani. (Mehr News Agency)

Meanwhile, Iran’s vice president also asked people for resilience in the “battle” against sanctions.

"Today, we are facing the heaviest of sanctions and we ask people to help officials in this battle," said First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi.
He also said that the “dastardly sanctions” might cause “confusion” in the market, but added that the nation will not stop its progress. (IRIB/AP translation, 1 July)

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Anonymous said...

It's all right for the Vice President to ask the people for resilience when the entire regime has fat bank accounts.
The facts are that the regime is going one way and that is going down.
Funny the NAZIS used to say they are winning the war despite the Soviets surrounding Berlin and bombing Hitlers bunker.
Saddam's men said the Americans are burning in their tanks while a column of Abrams M1s where passing through Baghdad.
These types of regimes Az Ruh Nemeran Ta Kobedeh Shan.
But the difference is the people themselves will finish the job.