Saturday, July 7, 2012

Israelis, Not Their Agents, Killed Iranian Scientists - Report

Washington-based senior journalist Barbara Slavin, currently a correspondent for Al-Moitor and a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, reported today that Israelis, and not Israeli agents, have killed Iranian nuclear scientists. Slavin’s report is based on a recently published book by Dan Raviv, a CBS correspondent, and Yossi Melman, a former intelligence correspondent for Ha’aretz, titled “Spies Against Armageddon.”

The authors say that Israel would not have contracted out such controversial and difficult work, killings by motorcycle riders who affixed sticky bombs to their victims’ cars in Tehran traffic.

“For such a sensitive dangerous and daring mission as a series of assassinations in Iran’s capital, the Mossad would not depend on hired-gun mercenaries,” Raviv and Melman assert. “They would be considered far less trustworthy and there was hardly any chance that the Mossad would reveal to non-Israelis some of its assassination unit’s best methods.”

To read Slavin’s entire report, please click here.


Mark Pyruz said...

Haven't read the report yet. But if all they have to go with is "Israel wouldn't hire out, etc." and nothing else, I'm skeptical of the report. Such assertions require supporting evidence.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen the "report" but it is a fact that the guys who have doing this, some of whom arrested and perhaps by now executed, were Iranians. These guys are "agents", although the terminology here does not matter! I very much doubt Israel has sent a team of experts into the country to do this delicate job. Azar

Anonymous said...

report/book or whatever is a smokescreen.