Saturday, July 14, 2012

No Poverty in Iran - Friday Prayer Imam

From Hojatoleslam Sediqi’s sermons at the Friday Prayer yesterday in Tehran:
  • "Poverty does not exist in Iran." 
  • "If we really wanted to have relationships with the West, we would not have revolted (against the Shah)."

 The popular news site Tabnak responds to Sadiqi’s remarks on the absence of poverty in the country.
  • "The question is, Could we eliminate poverty and its ugly manifestations by denial of realities on the ground?"

Sadiqi’s remarks on the goal of the Islamic revolution: If indeed the principle goal of the clergy who imposed themselves as the leaders of the revolution was to break relations with the West, they have indeed succeeded. 


Anonymous said...

Poverty is like his brain; it does not exist ...

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ! Look how fat the mullahs have become that their belly's have hindered their eyesight.

Yeah sure there is no poverty in Iran just like there is no thieves or murderers,in fact the mullahs have turned Iran into a paradise,(for themselves only).

Cyrus said...

Yah, these guys are gonna last. First sign of insanity, is the inability to grasp or accept reality.

Mark Pyruz said...

The Islamic Republic of Iran certainly doesn't have a monopoly on "say what?" types of comments coming from its punditry.

One of my personal favorite web pages is the online Doonesbury site at Slate:

There, they have a "Today's Mudline" featuring a ticker of "say what?" type comments made by American leaders and pundits, as well as a "Say What?" quote which is refreshed on a daily basis.

I have to say, however, that when it comes to reporting on Iran from here in the West, most if not all of what we see is in the style of "Today's Mudline" with heavy emphasis on the "Say What?" variety of quotations.

As such, and in its place, I would suggest more dispassionate and objective renderings of Iranian political science, in efforts to produce more reliable analyses on the subject.

Anonymous said...

Let them eat cake.LOL!

Nader Uskowi said...


Friday Prayer weekly addresses are indeed of importance to understanding the prevalent political mood in Tehran. The Friday Imams of Tehran are picked/approved by the Leader’s office, and their sermons are scrutinized as they form the ‘message of the week.’ A dispassionate and objective rendering of Iranian political science cannot ignore proclamations at Friday Praters such as the one delivered by Hojatoleslam Sidiqi this week that a main goal of the revolution was to cut relations with the West.