Sunday, November 29, 2015

IRIN commando training at Marines Training Base in Manjil, Iran

Iran media imagery dated 28NOV15 depicting IRIN Marine commando training undertaken at the training center located at Manjil, in the Central District of Rudbar County, Gilan Province, Iran:

Gymnasium at IRIN Marines Training Base in Manjil. Cadets undertaking commando instruction seen equipped with G3-A4 battle rifles.

IRIN Marine commando training in the utilization of Jacob's ladder

Hand-to-hand combat instruction provided to IRIN cadets by Marine senior chief petty officer

Tactical Rope Suspension Techniques (TRST) training at Marines Training Base in Manjil

Military diver training exercise supervised by IRIN Marine lieutenant commander

IRIN Marine commando NCOs equipped with variety of small arms

IRIN Marine commando NCOs board inshore patrol boat, under supervision of IRIN lieutenant commander

IRIN Marine commando training exercise aboard inshore patrol boat at Sefid Rud ("White River") Lake

IRIN Marine commando training exercise aboard kayak at Sefid Rud ("White River")

IRIN Marine commando hand-to-hand drill in wetland conditions

Ideological instruction at IRIN Marines Training Base at Manjil

Map location for IRIN Marines Training Base at Manjil  [image: Google Maps]

Photos: Ali Khara at Fars News Agency


Anonymous said...

It is good to see they are training close my home town Rasht and the most beautiful part of Iran in Gilan and have good equipment. Hezbollah should train with them too as it is the most experienced special forces in the region.

Anonymous said...

What sets the Iranian commandos apart from their peers in other militaries , is the healthy dose of ideological training they receive thanks to the Iranian revolution . Too bad that ISILs ,Talibans and other nasty characters of the world don't sit down for an ideological debate to make their point .

Anonymous said...

This post has me wondering.. With the new division of responsibility (the IRGC being responsible for the PG while the Navy gets the rest), would the the Iranian marines be able to operate around the Gulf? If not, this seems quite a waste. Geographically Iran's most "marinesque" region will be those around the Gulf. Excluding the odd job at the Caspian Sea, personnel training in those pictures wouldn't be able to apply their skills, because of the near-impossibility to operate in such a forward stance when your base of operation is in the open seas. Although the IRIN is doing progress in its procurement capacity, they are far from having the amphibious vessels or even logistical capacity to deploy assets such as marines for anything larger then commando-style raids or very nearby operations.

Anyhow, the facility and training regimen they apply seem quite impressive.

Anonymous said...

I suppose you mean the PERSIAN GULF or the Gulf of Mexico?

Anonymous said...

As you know , the jihadis have been very active in the caucasus region and northern caspian shotres since the chechen wars . It's only logical for the Iranians to beef up their capabilities in the area , preferrably in coordination with littoral countries .

B.M.A said...

ONE tolerant MUSLIM NATION and one Muslim Army !.

- -It is very hard for any House divided up on itself to stand !. tragedy in Islam is when Arab barbarism found its way in this Divine beautiful religion .HAD this catastrophic misfortune not had its way way ,Then today Islam would be the beacon of hope and the abode for mankind.
THIS is what we are seeing today ,a brother killing a brother, an innocent bystander on the street blown up in the Name in the name of a faith.
IF our Ulama and Clerics sit down and sort out this big cloud dividing Shia Islam and Sunni ,we would have a guaranteed peace in this world.

interested party said...

You are a very optimistic person B.M.A. which is admirable. I too like to think of myself as an optimist. But would settle for one more regime to fall, 6,000 odd Saudi Princes loose their head, a whole lot of ceasefires to come into effect, some constitutions get written and a whole new era of Islamic democracy be allowed to evolve.

Anonymous said...

lol indeed

Anonymous said...

Their training is based on that of the British Royal Marines Commandos.

Anonymous said...

Diving gear and kayaks (canoes) are used for special operations. The use of canoes in special operations was developed by British special forces and is part of the training for all members of the SBS, the special forces unit of the Royal Marines.

Anonymous said...

please come back USKOWI on Iran, The world needs you! More than ever!