Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Oil Under $50

Brent crude oil prices have dropped generally under $50 a barrel since Thursday. Brent at London futures is trading at $49.79 today. The U.S. WTI crude was at $43.59. Global oversupply, including Middle East production and U.S. shale oil pumping at record levels, and weak China demand are driving prices down. Geopolitical factors, including wars in Iraq, Syria and Yemen appear to have limited impact on saturated crude oil market.


Anonymous said...

Oil under $ 40 , Oil under $ 30 , Oil under .... ??

Anonymous said...

Oil is lubricating this regime.Oil is lubricating their armed thugs to oppress and intimidate the masses.The sooner the price of oil comes crashing the sooner the regime will be incapable to cover the multiple potholes that they have created.