Friday, August 28, 2015

Indian military delegation at Iran Navy HQ in Bandar Abbas

Iran Navy Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari shakes hands with members of military delegation from India’s University of Strategic Sciences, on AUG26 at the Iran Navy headquarters in Bandar Abbas.

According to Tasnim News Agency:
Sayyari expressed the hope that Iran and India would promote their relations in a way to end trans-regional countries’ presence for safeguarding security in the northern part of Indian Ocean.He then said northern part of Indian Ocean is one of the strategic trade areas of the world due to the existence of energy routes.
Elsewhere, Sayyari announced that the country will host navies from 45 world countries since it has received the official membership of a conference of navy commanders of Indian Ocean littoral countries in 2018, IRNA reported.
It is being reported on 28AUG15 that Indian Navy ships INS Betwa (F39) and INS Beas (F37) have docked at Bandar Abbas on a scheduled exchange visit to IRIN 1st Naval Region Headquarters. UOI will post photos with captions as they are made available.

Group photo of members of military delegation from India’s University of Strategic Sciences and Iranian military hosts at Iran Navy HQ in Bandar Abbas.

Ranking officer of the Indian military 16-member delegation, Indian Army Lt. Gen. Navkaran Singh accepting gift from Iran Navy Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari.

Commodore of the Indian Navy; behind him a captain of the Iranian Navy

Hall at the Iran Navy Headquarters in Bandar Abbas

Detail of Iran Navy themed woodcarving behind IRIN Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, Commander of Islamic Republic of Iran Navy.

Photos: Seyed Majid Tavakoli at Fars News Agency


Unknown said...

Sayyari looks quite Indian himself lol!

Anonymous said...

Good to see Iranian and Indian cooperation. A lot of Sikhs in the navy too. They are good soldiers and have always had senior position in the Indian armed forces. Iran should be looking at joint weapons and ship building with India and getting the Indo-Russian Brahmos supersonic missile which many nations are sighing up for.

The BrahMos (Hindi: brahmos, Russian: Брамос) is a short range ramjet supersonic cruise missile that can be launched from submarines, ships, aircraft or land.
Operational range‎: ‎300–500 km
Unit cost‎: ‎US$ 2.73 million

Anonymous said...

Iranians are of Indian stock too....who do you think we are? Nordics LOL!

Anonymous said...

That was funny! LOL

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:52 AM

Iranians are not of Indian stock.We are a mix of euroasian peoples from caucuses otherwise known as Iranic tribes.Indians are dravidians.And yes Iranians have nordics in their DNA as well.In my family alone there are a number of blue eyed and fair hair peoples. My old school teacher in Iran was blue eyed fair skinned with dark hair.My childhood friend in Tehran was blue eyed blonde haired Iranian.Not forgeting red headed blue eyed Iranian like my wife.

Mark Pyruz said...

I'm terminating this discussion on ethnology as it is not directly relevant to the subject matter, which is Indo-Iranian military exchange at IRIN Headquarters.

Anonymous said...

Sayyari is an ethnic Arab, I thought this was well known.

Unknown said...

Oh I see! Thanks Anon 5:29.

Unknown said...

Although, could you please provide me with any source?