Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Day After Bombing: A Conversation with an Iranian Businessman

"To think that because you won’t buy oil from us, you will stop an ancient and courageous empire like ourselves  – it’s naïveté."
"S. has been hurt by the economic sanctions, but he promises that his country will reach nuclear capability. ‘If you attack, we’ll strike you back,’ he says; however, he reveals that the real enemy of Iran is overall the Arabs: ‘You’re just being paranoid.'"

An Israeli perspective by Kobi Liani (Walla!News)
Translated by Viktoria Lymar (IranEdge)

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Anonymous said...

This interview is a little bit weird; i dont think Iranian hate arabs; there is no lasting animosity between Iran and Iraq once the war was over; but yes: Iranian want to differentiate themselves from Arabs; thats how it is. I have never seen any Iranian who think kuwait should belong to Iran or something like that; that is not part of gerneral feeling among Iranians; however i think that the next president should reject any form of antisemitim ; it does not belong to the Iranian culture; he should bring competent and educated people back to governement; and he should limit the power of clergy; only then we can overcome this crises

Anonymous said...

Anon October 10, 2012 5:07 PM

I like the way you think.....if you are going to dream....DREAM BIG!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Posting this is like posting any hate material. It isn't hard to find. There's plenty of anti-Iranian and anti-Muslim material to find here in the United States. But should we spread such material further than its source? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 5:07

Iranians don't Arabs? That's new. Most Iranians do hate Arabs and look down on them. Read this article:

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:07PM

Looks like you have forgotten to add some words to your reasoning, that your last part of the last sentence should say:
"...only then we can overcome this crisis and dismantle Iran."