Friday, October 19, 2012

Kayhan: "Crippling economic crisis in major European countries"

Pro-government Iranian newspaper Kayhan front-page headline today was dedicated to the economy but the editors appear to get the names wrong.

They seem to have casually substituted the word "Iran" with the words "major European countries".

I think the front page of this Iranian newspaper should have read "Crippling economic crisis in Iran" as it would have more true and more pertanant to Iranians today.


Mark Pyruz said...

Well Jabbar, I don't think an Iranian in the villages is affected as much as a Greek or Spaniard working class or student, or an Iranian middle to upper-middle class person, all things being relative.

Anonymous said...

I am living in EU and would say the deep crisis in EU is no secret.

the daily Demos and viloence in Spain (25% of young jobless) and Greece (50% jobless) exceed any
election Unrest in Iran 2009 by far and far.

The iranian suffer inflation over 20% and says not one word.

Anonymous said...

im Iran may the jobless rate too low and therefore there is no viloence.

in Europoe we have small inflation but very high unemplyomentrate that makes trhe youngster angry.
the protugese are immigrating to Africa(Angola) to esacape the unemployment

Nader Uskowi said...

I believe the point is not that there are no financial crisis in Europe, but when one of the oldest newspapers in Iran allocates almost its entire front page to the subject, it is expected that the same paper cover as prominently the current economic crisis in Iran, which Kayhan does not even mention!

BTW, the crisis covers the folks both in towns as well as villages: the prices across the board have skyrocketed.

Anonymous said...

In Iran the government has free healthcare, and enough basic foods and other public entitlements that the public has their very basic needs met.

The currency crisis only affects middle and upper class Iranians who want luxuries beyond those basics.

Anonymous said...

"the prices across the board have skyrocketed"

This gets back to your fundamental misunderstanding.

Prices across the board have absolutely not gone up. Prices for certain items have; items that are generally irrelevant to the vast majority of Iranians. Items such as education for your children overseas.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:20 AM

What,you mean irrelevant things such as meat bread and vegetables?

Unknown said...

@mark 1:12
I don't think we can compare accurately given lack of government financial data from Iran.

The only relative/practical difference I see between the Greek and the Iranian financial crisis (assuming iran's is not worse) is that the Greeks are free to demonstrate against the hardships and the Iranians aren't. Maybe that's why the Kayhan thinks it has nothing interesting to cover about the same subject in Iran.

In fact the message from the Iranian Government to the Iranian people was "don't even think about it", as the post on riot drills in Tehran demonstrates.

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 10:20 AM,

You are entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to your facts. Defending the Islamic Republic should not oblige you to spin any and all news to cover any issues. Even the Majlis members are discussing the runaway cost of basic goods that affects everyone. The Central Bank is saying the inflation is at 24%. Where do you get your information that higher prices are only affecting a tiny minority of people? Or is that you wish?