Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Iran Pulls Back from Nuclear Weapon – Israel Defense Minister

Iran has pulled back from its goal of building a nuclear weapon, said Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak. He told Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper on Tuesday that an immediate crisis was avoided when Iran chose to use more than a third of its medium-enriched uranium for civilian purposes earlier this year. That decision, Barak added, “allows contemplating delaying the moment of truth by eight to ten months.” (Reuters, 30 October)

“There could be at least three explanations. One is the public discourse about a possible Israeli or American (military) operation deterred them from trying to come closer,” Barak said.

“It could probably be a diplomatic gambit that they have launched in order to avoid this issue culminating before the American election, just to gain some time.

It could be a way of telling the IAEA 'oh we comply with our commitments’.”

The Israeli defense minister added however that he believed Iran was still resolved to build nuclear weapons.

“We all agree that the Iranians are determined to turn into a military nuclear power and we all share the declaration that we are determined to prevent Iran from turning nuclear and all options are on the table,” Barak was quoted by Telegraph as saying. 


Anonymous said...

Isrealis chicken out again.

What a surprise.

Anonymous said...

yes, the Israelis really don't have the nerve to defy the USA.

perhaps the Iranian leadership isn't as wise.

mat said...

The U.S.'s 'barking' and Israel's 'beating the empty drums of war', is just the same old boring rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

I am reposting this again as you failed to post my comments:

3/5 of your current posts are about what the opinions and views of Israelis are.

I mentioned before that this sites name should rather be UskowionIsrael to reflect the true view of this sites focus.

I also hoped that there would be a soul search done for this site to see if this kind of reporting was truly the way you wanted to go with the site.

Mark Pyruz said...

There is a fourth more probably reason and that is, like the consensus of the American intelligence community has stated and even certain Israeli intelligence agencies have stated, Iran doesn't possess a nuclear weapons program.

This is very much more of a political issue than that of a military issue.

Anonymous said...

No, Mark, you're quite, quite wrong. the opinion of the US intelligence services is that Iran mostly definitely has a nuclear weapons program, and it's an active one, but the intel is that Iran does not yet have a weapon and there is no definitive evidence that they've yet decided to assemble one.

but it's quite firmly held that Iran is doing everything necessary to be able to put together nuclear weapons shortly after the decision to do so is made.

Anonymous said...

Iran may already have a nuclear device. After the fall of the Soviet Union, arsenals were opened and the black market was flooded with nuclear related stuff. Iran could have bought what they needed years ago, kept under secret.

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 8:24 PM,

There are many great blogs on Israel. We don’t have the expertise or the goal of being one of them. We do carry developments in Israel if they affect Iran. This post is a good example. The Israeli defense minister has announced that Iran has pulled back from making nuclear weapon. This news is as huge as the 2007 NIE that said Iran had stopped weaponization program. If news such as this appears, no matter how many each day, we will try to cover them all. Perhaps it is the nature of the current Iran-Israeli relations that produce so many headlines, no? And why do we have to do soul searching before posting such developments?

Anonymous said...

Really Barak? They pulled back at the beginning of the year? So what was all these noise since then was all about? Really?

Anonymous said...

More hysterical propaganda from the zionist regime. How can anyone take their claims about Iran seriously while they refuse to accept international nuclear inspections and develop a clandestine nuclear programme, themselves? They are supreme hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

it's the claims from the IAEA, the US and the EU countries about iran's nuclear weapons program and support for terrorism that are taken seriously, Anon 7:55.

Israel is only a little more credible than the Iranian government, whose pronouncements have but a vague relation to the known universe

Anonymous said...

Someone said this blog is a Debka2.
I think that it is run for jews and by jews.

Anonymous said...

Someone said this blog is a Debka2.
I think that it is run for jews and by jews.

Spot on..They started as some pro-Iranian Blog but I guess that was to draw in "readers".

Anytime I read this Blog, it feels like reading Jerusalem Post, Haaretz or worse, Debka..lol

May I also mention that old kooks like Nader don't "Blog" for fun.

Anonymous said...

I think Iran is very lucky.......if Israel had Iran's form of government/religion they (Israel) would have already nuked Iran several times over!!!

I'm glad that there are truly only a few very hateful countries in the world.....Iran, Pakistan, Syria, N-Korea and so on.....if we had too many more of these types of countries I do believe that nukes would already have been used, again (within the last ten years) glad Israel prevented Assad from getting nukes and hope they also stop Iran from deploying nukes too.

Could Iran survive as a nation with seperation of church and state??? LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

"run for Jews and by Jews"-------

that's a pretty pathetic level you've reached when all you've got is bigotry and xenophobia to try to use to insulate yourself from fact.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:10 AM

If you don't like reading the truth about what the greater majority of people think about the regime in Tehran,then go on other more friendlier sites(bought by the regime)if that makes you happy.

No one outside of Iran is holding a gun against your head!

Unknown said...

@anon 3:10
I don't think you should be admitting that you read haaretz, your IR collegues may think you are a spy and hang you.

Weather is great here in tel aviv, I hope it's the same where you are!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:14PM. The zionist regime being more credible than Iran?! Are you serious? A regime that develops a clandestine nuclear weapons programme, attacks regional countries, regularly makes threats of attacking more and refuses even to join the NPT.

You might be in the habit of taking the word of hypocrites but, I and a lot of the rest of the world, are not. A little education for you:
From the Cambridge English dictionary


someone who says they have particular moral beliefs but behaves in way which shows these are not sincere

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 3:10 AM,

If you are assigned to read our blog along with JP and Haaretz, we take that as compliment! BTW, we did not start this blog to oppose or support anyone, but such a concept is foreign to you, isn’t it?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:10AM

I strongly support your point.
I tried to post my earlier comment in your support and it has been not shown yet, so I may attempt to post it later.

Anonymous said...

Israel's government is indeed more credible than is Iran's.

Israel never swore that it didn't want nuclear weapons and never signed a treaty pledging never to develop them...while working to develop those very same weapons.

it's nice that you're able to read the definition of "hypocrite"....next step for you is learning how to apply the word to real life.

Anonymous said...

BTW, we did not start this blog to oppose or support anyone, but such a concept is foreign to you, isn’t it?

Oh 'comon!!! Who're you kidding? You can do a quick check on all your Blog posts. One doesn't need to be a rocket scientists to tell almost ALL your post are very much anti-Iran and almost a mouth piece of US state department or better still, Israeli hasbara..so much for "BTW, we did not start this blog to oppose or support anyone" nonsense.

How often have you posted "Iran's going to collapse soon" type of rehashes from other "news" sources, only to be proven wrong over time?

Save yourself the pretence that you care for Iran or about Iranians and just add your name to the long list of anti-Iran "activists" working hard, one propaganda article piece at a time, to bring "freedom and democracy" to Iranians.

So yes, such concept(whatever it means) is foreign to me because I'm no hypocrite as you are..At least I make my stand as a supporter of Iran even though I'm not Iranian. I have very good Iranian friends and they don't think like you.

Now, seeing as you've added censorship to your Blog by only allowing comments that are favorable to "the agenda", I hope you'll be forgiving, kind and democratic enough to allow this comment through.

I'm at your mercy. ;)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:47 AM. That's the difference between you zionists and others. You base your behaviour on taking the word of hypocrites and being a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:10

In a support of your comment, I would like to add that in my comment, which has not been posted or was restricted be "authors", (because it would emerge to close to Mr. Uskowi's comment), I had suggested to analyze an information that the Mossad's agents in its UK's opperations against Iran, used faked identities of american agents.

Because of that, there were some "frictions" between diplomacies of both countries.
So if the zionist entity uses that kind of methods in addition to printing fake passports of friendly countries {Australia, UK and etc.) for its agents in the past, it is reasonable to suspect that they create fake blogs too.