Monday, October 15, 2012

Tehran Currency Exchange Shops Resume Work

Rial Near Historic Low
Tehran’s foreign exchange shops resumed their activities on Sunday ten days after the protests over the plummeting national currency and the arrest of 30 currency dealers had forced them stop their work. In what appears to be a coordinated action, the exchange shops now have put a limit of $200 for customers wishing to purchase the dollar.

Tehran’s semi-official daily Jomhori Eslami reported that the exchange shops were busy and at some shops there were lines of people waiting to exchange their rials. The paper said the exchange rate on Sunday was at 33,350 rials to the dollar. (Jomhori Eslami, 15 October)

The exchange rate on Sunday was near historic low of 36,500 of two weeks ago that led to the crisis over the national currency.

File photo: ISNA


Anonymous said...

and again rial hits a new low against $
or not ?

Anonymous said...

The rial is heading one way only and that is down.