Saturday, October 27, 2012

Iran Cancels Visit by European Parliament Delegation

Parliamentarians Wanted a Visit with Sotoudeh and Panahi

Iran has canceled the visit by a European Parliament delegation to Tehran after the group asked to meet two Iranian activists awarded EU’s prestigious Sakharov prize. The prize for human rights and freedom of thought were given to human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, who represents opposition activists and is now in prison for her legal work, and banned filmmaker Jafar Panahi.

The decision came after senior officials at the European Parliament, which on Friday awarded its Sakharov prize to Sotoudeh and Panahi, said they wanted the delegation to meet the two dissidents. (Reuters, 27 October)

“After hearing the new conditions, the Iranians decided to cancel,” European Parliament spokeswoman Satu Helin told Reuters. The delegation was set to travel to Tehran from 27 October to 2 November.

Iran's Mehr news agency quoted an Iranian parliamentary official as saying the European delegation had stated as a “precondition” a visit with Sotoudeh and Panahi.

The meetings between European and Iranian parliamentary delegations were meant to keep open another line of communication, including with civil society.


reader said...

While Nasrin Sotoudeh and Jafar Panahi are well deserved to win and receive this prize, it was wrong and rather naive of EU parlamentarians to set precondition for the talk. We are talking about a crisis that is affecting majority of ordinary Iranians who have no part in political decision making process. It seems to me that US+EU have decided to abanden ordinary iranians. Let's hope ordinary Iranians would be graceful enough to forgive them for this misjudgment.

Surenas said...


I don't see it that way. Iran may not be a democracy and ruled by democratic leaders, but I'm agreeing with the philosophy that every country deserves the government it has. If the Iranians don't feel represented by their leaders, or by it's policy, they should raise their voice, rather than blaming everyone besides themselves.

Unknown said...

The Iranian regime doesn't seem to get it that it is in no position to dictate to Europe and the USA how they should behave.

No one in the west can accept the condition by the Iranians that a visiting European parlemant delegation would not be able to visit the recepients of the European parlement Sakharov prize in prison.

Under the circumstances the regime should have considered that such prison visit is a small price to pay for having a brake in the country's isolation.

This regime has proven time and again that it specializes in shooting itself in the foot every time it's given an opportunity. The blame lies with the regime and not with Europe.

Anonymous said...

Jabbar can you please shut up? You're obnoxious.

Anonymous said...

JF--- the Iranian regime is rather keenly aware that it is in position to dictate the terms of behavior for Europeans and Americans coming into Iran.

They've little choice but to try to keep most Westerners out of Iran and away from the citizens of the country if the Westerners will publicly challenge the distorted and dishonest claims of the Iranian government.

The regime can't afford to be called out or mocked at home.

Anonymous said...

"The Iranian regime doesn't seem to get it that it is in no position to dictate to Europe and the USA how they should behave."

Oh, the irony. It is actually quite the other way around! If Iran has no right to dictate how Europe and the US are to behave, despite the two entities being directly involved in countless unethical situations both domestically and particularly towards other nations, then Europe and the US have absolutely no right to chastise Iran for its behaviour.

Unknown said...

@anon 7:22
The point is that Iran can not be on equal footing with Europe. Due to its own self inflicted wounds, it sits On the verge of ruin and should stop being stubbornly arogant.
Even the proud Japanese knew when they were beaten; Iran is one breath away from being totally beaten.

If you don't believe me, ask yourself "how much job security do you have working for the regime today?"

Unknown said...

@anon 6:37
Point taken. It looks like its going to be an all or nothing proposition.

Anonymous said...

reader and allochtonie

Are you new hires on this blog?

Imperialists use to govern by the rule "divide and govern".

The EU main goal was to strenghten their agents inside Iran.

mat said...

The european communities, indeed, need Iran's mineral resources such as gas and oil far more than what iranians themselves need the european's. It is just exactly like you put a lot of pressures on someone but at the same time you still need them, moreover, with an ugly set of condition. What a shame!

B.M.A said...


YOUR loathing of the regime and bigotry deserves sympathy!!where as much of your points and arguments seem factual and highly educative,it is very sad to see you swayed by emotions ,and visibly blinded by your hatred of the regime.IT might be true that 'no one in the west can accept the conditions by the Iranians that a visiting Europeans Parliament delegation would not be able to visit the recipients of the European Parliament Sakharov prize in prison'.HOw ever let us see for a hint who the westerners are as per their treatment of freedom fighters and popular movements.

FACT ONE-you have ,mentioned Nelson Mandela as being the first to receive the PRIZE.we WONT BE FOOLED BY THE FAME AND GLAMOR OF THIS PRIZE.let ME REMIND YOU A SHORT STORY BEFORE WE COME BACK TO OUR ISSUE-It was in 1979, the then president of south Africa, Mr Botha took a vow in a cabinet meeting that 'NEVER SHALL I BE RULED BY AN AFRICAN AND SOUTH AFRICA WILL NEVER BE UNDER AFRICAN RULE."-This cruel regime that build special lanes for AFRICANS and would kill any African who would touch a white mans vehicle continued to trade with MANY Nations of the WEST Despite a UN embargo on that cruel regime.The hypocritical West supported them ,traded with them, embraced them.MR Mandela was in prison for 27 years and we know not of any occasion when the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT or any individual members of parliament wishing or requesting to visit MANDELA IN PRISON !!LOOK at them!. the same people wishing to come to IRAN to visit 'democracy crusaders' in prison .This western hypocrisy,this twisted democracy conviction on their part is open to world now.And IRANIANS are brave enough to see through this cheap 'sympathy ruse by the WEST.-so then don't trust these people with their trophies and tittles ,they are the same colonialists of yesterday in fact they don't even believe in democracy !!,WE know what they did in IRAN,they are supporting the world most heartless regime of SAUDI ARABIA in return for uninterrupted flow of sweet oil.They did support the world's most HATED regime of South Africa in return for an interrupted flow of gold and precious metals.

FACT TWO-the way you are presenting EUROPE is as if it is an Angelic continent.And the way you are present the IRANIAN Islamic regime is as though it is ruled by MAD and ruthless leaders who have nothing positive to show since they took over from the SHAH.However be reminded that IRAN HAS SO MANY HEROES! APART FROM NASRIN AND JAFFAR!. and these Humbles sons of the IRANIAN Nation have made Iran an icon of hope and inspiration against the bulling practices of the west!.AND HERE IS BUT AN EXAMPLE 1@-IRANIAN ACADEMICS-a ruthless and archaic regime wont Forster education and create the necessary environment for a vibrant academic and scientific undertakings,EFFECTIVELY turning IRAN into the world's leading Nation in scientific output .If the regime in IRAN was that useless, then the opposite would be true.

CONCLUSION-every Nation has its own skeletons in their cupboards!.THE WEST SHOULD NOT DICTATE TO THE NOBLE NATION OF IRAN AS THOUGH THEY ARE GOD UNTO THEMSELVES,let them eat a humble pie for cheating themselves that IRANIANS would eat grass as a result of their sanctions only to turn IRAN into an independent power standing tall by itself!.

Anonymous said...

mat--- the European Community needs oil and gas, but doesn't need Iran's oil and gas, just as we don't need all your gas about the superpowers of iran.

it's a big world and Iran a very small part of it and all your nonsense doesn't make Iran even a micron more than it is.

iran will grow when Iran cooperates with the rest of the planet and not before.

Anonymous said...

BMA--- thank you for the amusing self-satirical comment and perhaps the grass that you're eating has a little more tetrahydrocannabinol than is advisable

Anonymous said...

B.M.A you are laughable with your lack of knowledge regarding what is actually happening in Iran.
Maybe you should work for Press TV or Kayhan Tehran with amount of dross that you write.
The noble nation of Iran is sick and tired of religious fanatics with their barbarism.
They want democracy and freedom of choice in every field without basij thugs beating women and children with their rapes and murders sanctioned by fascist mullah theocracy.

Unknown said...

@B.M.A 11:34
Thanks for the sympathy and I oppologize if my taking the Iranian Dicatorship to task for human rights violations is making you uncomfortable. I'll try to cover as many of your points as I can.

I agree with you in that we don't live in an perfect world and I don't think that anyone has a monopoly on "human right abuses", but why do you and your colleagues feel that events outside Iran's borders can serve as a justification for the regime's crimes against the Iranian people?! Who cares what happened to Mandela when we are talking about the violation of the human rights of political prisoners in Iran today?

The west dictates now because Iran did not responsd to earlier much gentler attempts at presuasions and is now acting like a spoiled child throwing temper tantrums. Iran is NOT a superpower and is pitting itself against the majority of the world and thinks it has LOGIC on it's side. politics is not about logic, it is about alliances and perecptions. The only major allies Iran has are china which is only interested in getting cheap oil, and Russia which is interested in selling Iran outdated surplus weapons and using it as a negotiation chip against the United States on other issues..

History will probably prove that the Islamic republic was the worst 30 years of modern Iranian history. My prediction is that Iran is close to an explosion, no pun intended, and when it does it will put the Arab spring to shame in terms of the speed of regime collapse and the immediate popular push to separate religion from government.

Me and others like me, will probably be the only thing standing between the regime henchmen and a noose and a crane when the inevitable change comes to Iran.

Anonymous said...


Don't worry about the EU needing oil & gas, Putin's boys are taking care of any extra demands that the EU may have in this area!

Anonymous said...

Mat (the mat)

Do not worry
Putin's boys will take care of Iran, if it will be needed and may be take care of you too.

Anonymous said...

N. Mandela had said in the past the US is the biggest danger for the world.