Sunday, October 21, 2012

France: Iran to Reach Nuclear Weapon Capability by Summer

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius today told Europe-1 radio that Iran has compiled enough centrifuges making it capable “to go toward possession of the nuclear weapon by the first half of next year, the end of the first half.” Fabius said experts have in an “absolutely indisputable way” established the timeline he was referring to. (AP, 21 October)


Mark Pyruz said...

Nader, whenever you come across these claims about supposed nuclear weapons capabil;ity, you should precede the claim with the following timeline of previous claims: See HERE, HERE and HERE.

Anonymous said...

maybe not, Mark.

claims are to be evaluated without reference to other people's claims.

if somebody says that you were full of "stuff" and they were wrong, it doesn't mean that at a later date, the technician who refused to follow through with giving you a lower GI test, due to your sporting a full load of fecal material, was wrong.

Different day, same claim, various and independent truth values.

Nader Uskowi said...


The importance of this post is not the claim itself, but who has made it. Here the French foreign minister is seconding Netanyahu’s UN remarks that Iran will have weapon capability by next summer. The political importance of this statement, even if the claim is not verifiable or even true, should be clear to all students of Iranian politics.

Anonymous said...

dissident said

I am leaving this place because it is controlled by people who are motivated by double standards and play games to their advantages, by using tricks...

When I was mentioning that the blog had publised a photo with a wrong description - that Gen. Pourdastan is on it, the authors had no time to deal with that issue.
However, the authors apparently consider themselves as a "faculty members" when they use description "students of Iranian politics" on this blog...

In the past, I had tried to post some comments, including today's previos comment, and they had not appeared.
There even was no posted information, that comment was not posted because some reasons.

It is hard to argue with someone that states that records on the Us facts don't apply for an Iran's analysis, but that the US wishes must be met or that Iran has to come to terms with the West (based on the West's demands).

I see many examples that those discussion on this blog(s) are prearranged and one person or authors of this blogs pretend as a multiple persons in order to create a 'majority'.

Like I said, the next year (let say in the September) will show you that the Islamic Republic is doing OK and is still alive, therefore, I do not see a reason to continue my continueous presence in the light of previously described circumstances.

I may be back, after the September 2013, if someone still wishes and in order to check whether your ideas are still alive.

I see that the four blog's authors intend to lead and assure you for "a heavenly prize" like some prophets did...and they may rise the mat and dariush from their hidings.