Thursday, October 4, 2012

Iran’s Vice-President in Turkey

Mohammad Reza Rahimi, the principle deputy to President Ahmadinejad, met with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Ankara on Thursday. Iran has urged Turkey and Syria to show restraint following cross border tensions between the two countries in the past 48 hours. Meanwhile, the Turkish parliament today authorized Erdoğan’s government to undertake military operations inside Syria. Thursday 4 October 2012. (Photo: IRNA)

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Anonymous said...

It is time for the Turks to learn their lesson, one that will leave a sour taste in their mouth. Their foolish decision of illegaly infiltrating Syrian territory will have consequences for them which will reverberate for years to come. First of all, the Syrians are well enough able to defend themselves and beat the Turks if they get attacked. Turkey's stupid military venture against Syria won't bear any fruit, it will merely cost them dead soldiers, lost equipment and wasted money.

Secondly, Iran and Russia could start supporting and give encouragement to the Kurds inside Turkey and Syria, which would go on even after a Turkish withdrawal which will inevitably happen. Iran has no trust left in Turkey, and the same old bonds are not there anymore, because of past deceitful political steps on Turkey's behalf.

There will be difficult days ahead for Erdogan and his administration if they insist on moving down this path of intimidation and the unlawful breaking of Syria's sovereignity.

This was just a small exmaple of the troubles that face Turkey.