Sunday, October 14, 2012

Iran to Limit Imports

Iran will cut imports of non-essential goods as the country struggles to cope with Western economic sanctions. The government also asked its citizens to stop their purchase of foreign-made mobile telephones and cars.

Authorities have divided imports into 10 categories based on how essential they are, and will provide importers with dollars at a subsidized rate to buy basic goods, said Deputy Industry Minister Hamid Safdel. (ISNA, 14 October)

The newly established foreign exchange center will supply the country’s petrodollars to designated importers at cheap rates of roughly 25,000 rials per dollar.

On Sunday, the rial was trading in the open market at around 34,000 to the dollar, near its historic low. 


Anonymous said...

and the rationing begins, and with it an attempt to compel people to accept Iran's paper money at a rate bryond its worth.

Anonymous said...

It's not rationing. It's telling lazy Iranians to start working and building their own things, and growing their own foods, like the US does -- instead of lazily trading oil for it.

Anonymous said...

Regardless whether sanctiohs will be lifted soon or not, this decision is the right one..
It will expand domestic production in the long run and provide employment for young generations.

Good patriots should understand that sometimes they have to support the country, as an investment's form, for their common good.

Anonymous said...

"it will expand domestic production"

Iranians are lazy and unproductive people who can't produce anything.

Anonymous said...

How come the USA still exports so very much grains to Iran, is it so the Iranian people will not have food shortages?

Is USA just making very much money & hurting Irans people?

Anonymous said...

iran is under economical war condition.
IUran needs war economy
Iran needs a strict control of market, prices, and import, export goods

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a hypocrisy, that some people want to buy mostly foreign goods and get a free education for children as well to use freely roads, etc., and complain about the system and "regime"?


PersianPride said...

Anon 8:24 AM

Your comment about Iranians being lazy are untrue and insulting. Shame on you and shame on Jabbar for allowing this offensive comment to be posted on this blog.

Anonymous said...


I agreed. In fact, I've already made several attempts to post a similar response since last night, but none of them get through.

I suspect our friend Jabbar didn't like the content of my post and decided not to approve mine.

Unknown said...

@anon 4:27
It's really not rocket science; when a comment doesn't get published you re-word and re-submit, you don't keep submitting the same comment with the same inappropriate language.

I will reiterate what've said in the past, harsh and hateful is OK, inapproriate language is not.

I must admit, Me and my collegues have been tolerant of inappropriate language when it was directed at the bloggers themselves, so I Oppologies if that gave you the impression that its ok to direct the same personal insults and inapproriate language towards other readers.

Last but not least, despite the fact the we don't agree on much, I welcome your participation and comments, but please make an effort to avoid personal attacks and stick to the making a point, any point. After all, we're not in Iran.

Anonymous said...

@Jabbar Fazeli

I will reiterate what've said in the past, harsh and hateful is OK, inappropriate language is not.

And therein lies the problem: how do you decide what is "harsh and hateful" and what is "inappropriate language". The line between the two is not so clear cut and I've seen plenty of repugnant comments posted on this blog that easily falls under "inappropriate language". I believed my comment, which you have repeatedly rejected, meets your "harsh and hateful" criteria and I really hope you reconsider your disapproval of my post.

Unknown said...

@anon 1:05

I don't see a problem with the blog admins using their personal judgments to stop some inappropriate language from going through. It is in fact a common practice in the blogosphere.

I sympathize with your position as you are left at he mercy of someone else's "judgment call". To avoid this Delma I suggest that you focus on the best way to make your point, rather than trying to find the most insulting words you can imagine to get a rise of your opponent, and you should be fine 99% of the time.

Please know that I even try to coach the commentators sometimes to adjust their comments when it can't be published just because I feel it's a shame to have to delete something because it contains an F word or is clearly worded inappropriately.

My personal commitment to free speech far outweighs any desire to win an arguments, so you don't have to worry about and censorship motives on my part.

Last but not least, the site have four admins and I'm sure you would agree that the "judgment call" of no two people is always identical, unless you live in a dictatorship of course.