Monday, January 19, 2015

IRGC intelligence chief among KIA by Israeli helicopter strike

Above: file photo of IRGC Brigadier General 2C Allahdadi

Iranian media reports several IRGC members were killed 18JAN15 in the Israeli helicopter strike at Quneitra, Syria that also took the lives of several Hezbollah fighters.

Iranian media identifies Allahdadi as a "retired" IRGC commander engaged as an intelligence chief in Syria. He and his fellow IRGC were attacked while their convoy was enroute from Lebanon to Syria.

Brigadier General 2C Allahdadi's past service experience included commander of the IRGC in Yazd province.

Iranian depiction is expected to portray the helicopter strike as further evidence of Israeli indirect support of ISIL and Al-Qaeda linked forces, against the Iran-led coalition supporting the Syrian Arab Republic.

Below: Iran-led coalition victims of the Israeli helicopter strike being received at the Sayed Zeynab shrine; a rallying point for the Shia component of the Iran-led coalition fighting in Syria.

Photos: Mashregh News


Anonymous said...

Iran is easily losing high ranking generals to ISIL and now Israel. It is an evidence of poor tactical protection and intelligence on the battlefield.

Anonymous said...

That is true and Iran has to retaliate against the Zionists. This conflict is only going to get worse and half based intervention won't work. It also looks like Hezbollah has been infiltrated. Any military attack that does not generate retaliation is simply asking of more. It is high time to hit back.

Anonymous said...

The best Tactical protexctiion can not help you by a missile, not even if you ride in a tank
The iranian Genertal are always in the front line
The people will be replaced and avenged. we havbe a lot of human resource

youj can be sure , that avenging com

Nader Uskowi said...

Problem here is intelligence related. A senior member of Hezbollah's security apparatus was outed as an agent after several years of working with the Israelis and arrested only recently. And the organization could have been infiltrated more than we knew.