Monday, January 19, 2015

Argentine Special Prosecutor on Terrorism Found Dead in Home

Led Investigations into Possible Cover-up of Iranian Involvement in 1994 Buenos Aires Bombing
Alberto Nisman, a special prosecutor who had accused Argentine President Cristina Fernandez and other government officials of shielding Iranian suspects in the 1994 bombing of a Buenos Aires Israeli-Argentine center, which killed 85 people and injured more than 200, was found dead late Sunday.

Federal police said Nisman’s body was found at his Buenos Aires home with a gun next to it. Authorities have not elaborated on the investigation.

Nisman was appointed 10 years ago to revive the investigation into the bombing. Last week, he accused Fernandez and other senior officials of agreeing not to punish two former Iranian officials in the case, probably to receive oil at favorable prices from Iran. Argentina is in a severe recession, and the country has defaulted on debt payments.

Photo credit: A screen capture of Alberto Nisman’s interview with Argentine TN channel 3 days before his death. (Twitter/TN)

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