Friday, January 30, 2015

IRGC-N launch of Parmida 6 crew boat at Bushehr

Above: video still of Parmida 6 crew boat upon launch into Persian Gulf waters 

Iranian media reports the 28JAN15 launch of newly constructed Parmida 6 crew boat at Bushehr, in the presence of Commander of IRGC-N Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi.

Crew boats are vessels specialized in the transport of offshore support personnel, deck cargo, and below-deck cargo such as fuel and potable water to and from offshore installations such as oil platforms, drilling rigs and drill/ dive ships.

Claimed specifications for Parmida 6 include a maximum speed of 25 nautical miles per hour, with capacity to carry 73 passengers and crew of eight.

For comparison, Parmida 5 crew boat specifications list a gross tonnage of 243, deadweight of 134 tons and a length x breadth of 41m x 7.4m.



Anonymous said...

a tug-boat!!!!

fabulous and important news, given that it appears to have been recently painted with leaded red paint!!!

Anonymous said...

In the future Iran should concentrate on expanding and improving the motor vehicle,ship,steel and gas/oil/mining industries.Under right management Iran has so much potential.

Anonymous said...

this is an important development for Iran, a developing country. iran has much catching up to do. 8 years of war together with detrimental regime policy stopped iran from progressing. one could say iran is more than a decade behind other countries it had been at par with before the war.

Unknown said...

Yeah! All of Iran's defense/space achievements are mere paint jobs! That's why sanctions prohibit U.N members from exporting any nuclear, missile or military related technology/material to Iran, because paint jobs are that f*cking hard and sophisticated nowadays!

When are you people gonna stop making yourselves look like children? I mean I know the regime is theocratic, undemocratic and oppressive, but why this means you anti-regime idiots insist on making fools of yourselves I can never understand. This only gives more credibility to the regime's propaganda.

No wonder why the regime is so strong, because it has the most childish opposition in the world.

Anonymous said...

Russia has problems with their construction deadlines for its maritime vessels, so based on the recent defense agreement, they may seek some assistance from the Iranian side in those matters.


Anonymous said...

you're drinking faaaaaar too much of the kool-aide.