Sunday, January 11, 2015

Unity March in Paris: Largest Gathering in 70 Years

Paris Unity March in honor of Charlie Hebdo victims: A huge show of solidarity against terrorism - 1.5 million people took part in Paris, 3.7 million across France. What a historic day!
The largest gathering in France since 1944 rally to mark the end of German occupation (Vice


Anonymous said...

world leaders met today in paris for talks with eachother and francois hollande. i hope to god that khamenei was there to show his respect for victims and apologise on behalf of muslims everywhere. he should be the first in line to meet with francois hollande.

Anonymous said... --- Unity March In Paris on 11th Januari

Anonymous said...

Glad I was there to see it with my own eyes... it felt huge indeed, lively humans were everywhere, literally filling every inch of asphalt. They had come from every horizons, districts, regions, with some citizens setting foot on their capital city for the first time of their lives. If the act of smiling manages to somehow fit in my country's current background and atmosphere, I can personally say at least the People's reaction was as beautiful as the tragedy was ulgy... may they all rest in peace. And may we all wake up to a new tomorrow. We didn't gather as french people. We just gathered as people. Willing to love, feel, write, draw, disagree, debate, argue in any way we want without fearing the tip of an AK rifle ever again.

A big thanks for every single person that supported us from abroad on that terrible occasion in any way they could.



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-A at 5:18 PM

Were you also glad to see the profane cartoons to all other religions of the world too ?