Friday, January 9, 2015

Progress: Mashhad Urban Railway Line 2, under construction

Photo progress report for construction of Mashhad Urban Railway Line 2, since last observed here at UOI on 02OCT14.

Above: Massive EPB Shield (NHI Technology) type TBM in use. Reportedly of the 14.5 km long section to be bored, 350 meters are left to be drilled.

Behind section of the EPB Shield (NHI Technology) type TBM, in use at the Mashhad Urban Railway Line 2 subterranean construction site.

Tunnel section with prefab wall sections in place

Stacked prefab wall sections, staged for placement

German-made Schöma tunnel work train, Mashhad Urban Railway Line 2

Outside view of tunnel outlet, Mashhad Urban Railway Line 2

Section before what is believed to Shariati station, Mashhad Urban Railway Line 2

Structure taking shape for what is believed to be Shariati station

Iranian workmen tending rebar grid section for construction of facade, believed to be Shariati station

Map of envisioned Mashhad Urban Railway (Line 2 in blue)

Photos: Mohammad Zaernia at

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