Tuesday, April 14, 2015

UN Imposes Arms Embargo against Huthis in Yemen

The UN Security Council today imposed an arms embargo on the Huthi insurgents, who are effectively in control of Yemen. The resolution also froze the assets of the insurgents' leader, Abdulmalik al-Huthi. The resolution, backed by Saudi-led Arab coalition, was passed with 14 votes in favor, with Russia abstaining. Any Iranian arms shipment to Yemen is now banned.


Anonymous said...

LOL. I thought any Iranian arm export is banned under the sanctions. Having said that no one shouted when Iran gave Iraq arms against ISIS. Also how about Syria receiving arms from Iran.

loads of nonsense really.

Anonymous said...

Putin has promised to consider selling nukes to the Houthis if people keep on complaining about him stealing the Crimea.

( or am I just imagining that? )

Unknown said...

So why the hell didn't Russia veto the embargo?

Mark Pyruz said...

Russia doesn't really have a stake in Yemen, unlike Syria where Russia has the Tartus Naval Base.

Russia isn't expected to take what would be considered in some quarters "principled stances,' beyond abstaining.

Anon above is correct, however, in pointing out that Iranian exports are already banned by a previous UNSC resolution.

Unknown said...

Well Iran sanctions are about to be suspended, hopefully, so this new embargo is probably an attempt by the Saudis to renew the sanctions just when they're about to be removed.

Besides, I thought they already had Yemen under a naval blockade so that Houthis wouldn't be able to receive any supplies. Why do they need this new embargo so bad?

Nader Uskowi said...

This is actually not a laughing matter. This is a much more specific embargo, which could be implemented much easier than the broad prohibition of arms exports to anywhere. This is an arms embargo against a specific groups (the Huthis) in a specific country (Yemen). In practical terms what it does is giving legitimacy to the Arab coalition and Western powers to search the ships, ground and search airplanes, and stop and search trucks, that are near on inside Yemeni territory. If Iran were to send arms shipments to Yemen, for example, it would probably stop them now.

Nader Uskowi said...

Russia does not have much interest in Yemen, as Mark has said, and Russia probably did not want to antagonize the Arab states by a veto. The Huthis and Iran are probably disappointed by the Russian behavior here. But Russia has its own interests in mind, which sometimes align with those of Iran or here with the Huthis, and sometimes not. There is no "strategic alliance" linking Russia with Iran and the Huthis. It's realpolitik.

One point on the resolution: this is an arms embargo on a specific group in a specific country under chapter 7; much stronger and also easier to implement than a resolution banning arms exports by a country in general.

And of course an arms embargo by the UN is in a different category than blockade by the Arab coalition. It could involve any member country of the UN to implement them; and more importantly it gives neutral countries, specifically Oman here, an excuse to stop any possible Iranian transshipment.

Anonymous said...

" Well Iran sanctions are about to be suspended, hopefully..."

no, there aren't about to be suspended. sanctions will remain in place past the end of the year..... if they are suspended at all.

If Khamenei is truly serious about demanding that all sanctions must immediately be lifted as soon as a final deal is signed........... what Khamenei is gonna get are new and harsher sanctions added and no deal at all.

Anonymous said...

Mollazadeh, apparently Russia haven't "vetoed' in order to help your friends of israel.