Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Iran-origin HM-20 MLRS in use with Tigris Operations Command

Video stills of Iran-origin HM-20 multiple rocket launcher system (MLRS) in use with Iraq's Tigris Operations Command (TOC) during ongoing Hamrin Mountains Operations against ISIL. Video posted 14APR15 on YouTube by Iraqi Ministry of Defense (see below).

SBIG/DIO Hadid HM-20 122 mm MLRS on Mercedes-Benz NG 2626 truck platform 

What appear to be ISF crewmen and militiamen attached to TOC openning ammunition crates containing 122 mm unguided rockets.

Variety of ammunition crates evident in this MLRS supply of rockets

Unpackaging of 122 mm unguided artillery rockets 

Supply transport seen in background consisting of a commercial semi-trailer truck, with rocket ammunition crates tied atop a flatbed trailer.

Shipping pallet halves and empty rocket ammo crates improvised as a load ramp for HM-20 MLRS



Mark Pyruz said...

Evidently not all Iranian heavy weapons were pulled out of Iraq following the command dispute.

Anonymous said... --- TOS-1A 220mm MLRS recently aquired by the Iraqi army.