Sunday, April 19, 2015

Iran Military Day 2015 - Tehran


- IRIAF Boeing 747-131(SF) of Tankert Squadron from Tehran/Shahid Laskari TFB-1
- IRIAF Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29UB (9-51) of 11th TFS from Tehran/Shahid Laskari TFB-1
- IRIAF Grumman F-14A Tomcat from Isfahan/Shahid Baba'ie TFB-8
- IRIAF McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II

- Northrop (HESA) F-5F Saeghe II ("Thunderbolt II”), serial 3-7182 of 23rd TFS from Tabriz/Shahid Fakouri TFB-2
- IRIAF Northrop F-5F Tiger II of 43rd TFS from Dezful/Shahid Vahdati
- IRIAF McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II

IRIAF McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II fighter-bombers

IRIAF Northrop F-5F Tiger II fighter-bombers

- IRIAF Sukhoi Su-24MK "Fencer-D", serial 3-6805 of 72nd TFS from Shiraz/Shahid Dowran TFB-7
- IRIAF Sukhoi Su-24MK "Fencer-D", serial 3-6858 of 72nd TFS from Shiraz/Shahid Dowran TFB-7
(employing Sakhalyn UPAZ-1A Refuelling System pods under fuselage)

IRIAA Boeing (Elicotteri Meridionali) CH-47C Chinook (219), serial 5-4054

IRIAA Bell AH-1J International Cobra (209), serial 3-4567

IRIAA Bell (Agusta) AB-206B JetRanger II helicopters

NEZAJA Zulfiqar-3 main battle tank

T-72S main battle tank from a NEZAJA armored brigade

NEZAJA T-72Z main battle tank

NEZAJA updated M60A1 main battle tank

NEZAJA tank transporters hauling MBTs

NEZAJA Aqareb wheeled armored fighting vehicle

NEZAJA Fallagh ("Twilight") ultra-light tracked vehicle

NEZAJA Boragh armored personnel carrier

NEZAJA BTR-60PB wheeled armored personnel carrier

NEZAJA Nazeer ("One who warns") combat unmanned ground vehicle

M577 command vehicles depicted as UN peacekeeper force

Sayyad 4 (“Hunter 4”) missile related to development of Bavar 373 (“Belief 373”) air defense system

MIM-23 HAWK type surface-to-air missile transport cannisters

IRIADF 5Yu24M transporter/transloader carrying an S-200VE/SA-5 Gammon 5V28 round

IRIADF 5T53M type transport containers, 5V28 type missile of S-200 type SAM system

IRIADF Shahab Thaqeb (HQ-7 / FM-80) short range air defense missile system

IRIADF Mersad ("Ambush") air defense system (MIM-23B I-HAWK) SAM system transport and launch related components.

IRIADF Mersad ("Ambush") air defense system (MIM-23B I-HAWK) SAM system loader

Telescopic erector launcher (TEL), Noor or Qader anti-ship cruise missile

Nazeat-10H artillery rocket

Naze'at-6H artillery rocket

NEZAJA Fajr-5 333 mm multiple-launch rocket system (MLRS)

NEZAJA BM-21 Grad 122 mm multiple rocket launcher

NEZAJA M107 175 mm self-propelled gun

NEZAJA 130 mm towed field gun M1954 (M-46)

IRIADF ZU-23-2 "Sergey" towed 23 mm anti-aircraft twin-barreled auticannon

Safir ("Ambassador") variant fitted with 9M113 Konkurs (“Contest”) anti-tank guided missile systems

Detail of 9M113 Konkurs (“Contest”) anti-tank guided missile systems

NEZAJA Muharram 12.7 mm 6-barreled Gatling-type gun

NEZAJA Samander light tactical vehicle fitted with Akhgar 7.62 mm Gatling-type gun

NEZAJA Ranger light tactical vehicle fitted with Akhgar 7.62 mm Gatling-type gun

NEZAJA commando brigade members aboard Banihashem ATV 500 quads, armed with
Steyr HS .50 type single-shot anti-materiel sniper rifles.

Banihashem ATV 500 quads fitted for battlefield medevac duties

NEZAJA 58th "Zulfiqar" commando division members aboard KrAZ-6322 transport truck

IRIAF Kite stand-off sub-munitions dispenser

IRIAF Zoobin air-to-ground missile

Nasr type short-range anti-ship missile

IRIAF Sedjeel (modified MIM-23B I-HAWK) air-to-air missile

IRIAF Yasser rocket-assisted M117 bomb

Iranian "Cruise Missile" land attack cruise missile (LACM)

Qader medium-range anti-ship cruise missile

KAB-1500L laser guided bomb

IRIAF AIM-7 type and AIM-9 type air-to-air missile display

IRIAF Sattar type air-to-ground missile exhibited with TLS-99 laser designator

Left: Nasr type short-range anti-ship missile
Right: IRIAF Fakour-90 (AIM-54) air-to-air missile

Fajr-27 (OTO Melara) 76 mm rapid fire naval artillery system

Parading "Green Beret" members of 65th Airborne Special Forces Brigade

Parading brigade members of NEZAJA 23rd Commando Division

Parading members of IRIN naval infantry

Parading members of Basij paramilitary force

Foreign military observers to Iran Military Day 2015

Mohammad Hassanzadeh at Tasnim News Agency
Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency
Mehr News Agency
Mashregh News


Anonymous said...

Samander is the NOD buggy from C&C ! :)

Anonymous said...

Iran has some serious missile capability at all levels. Well Done.

Anonymous said...

Are the soldiers in these parades conscripts or from professional corps? Does anyone have any idea what the ratio is (conscripts vs. professional corps)? Also, and this is a side question, why can't IRN upgrade their Cobras to quad blade copters? Is it that much harder?

Anonymous said...

Ahahah ! you nailed it, now that you say it, I cannot agree more :-D But Iran needs to build more Obelisks of Light instead though :-) Thanks for the fun moment.


Anonymous said...

They are working on 4 blade version as an indigenous national helicopter project but it is very slow. Meanwhile just compare the exhaust gas coming out of the Russian jet engines and that of 50 years old American jet engines.

Anonymous said...

60% conscripts in the Artesh while Sepah is 100% volunteer professionals. Basij is all volunteers. The Cobras will be replaced by a joint attack helicopter program with Russia and China. Most of over 100 plus fleet has been upgraded anyway. Many militaries including the Turks, Pakistan and Zionists operate Cobras.

Anonymous said...

IRI is just a front for NOD reborn. Kane is pulling Khamenei's strings! A new Obelisks of light is part of special projects design, maybe even at prototype stage :)

Anonymous said...

The smoke entrails from the Mig 29 are nothing to worry about, it is just that the Klimov RD-33 is a turbofan jet engine that does not burn JP fuel as efficiently as the US engines. If anyone ever flew an older F4 fly at low altitudes? They also left a good trail until the advent of JP 7 and cleaner fuels and refined General Electric J79 engines after the Vietnam experience when SAMS would lock on to the trails. The Russian SU-30 is more refined and better at burning fuels at low altitudes.

Brig. Gen. Basrawi (IqAF.ret) said...

As you can see in the second picture, the F-4 has a smoke trail too, and it is not quite in position relative to the F-5s. The F-4's engines produce visible smoke when thrust is above 70%. This is an indication that the F-4 is accelerating. Perhaps the pilot is trying to catch up with a group ahead of him. You can easily see in every other picture the aircrafts are flying in formation as well as maintaining correct positions, except one that shows the F-4 with the smoking engines.

Anonymous said...

It is not only Mig-29 but Su-24 s has also the same black smoke trail. In general almost majority if not all of the Russian jet engines have that black smoke trail which is indication of the incomplete combustion and as a result low efficiency of the engine in relation with the amount of the consumed fuel.

Anonymous said...

Well, wait for american engines, it may happen during your lifetime............