Saturday, August 17, 2013

Still flying! Iran Air B747SP-86

Operator: Iran Air
Aircraft: Boeing 747SP-86
Reg: EP-IAC (cn 21093/307)
Flight: Kerman (KER) - Baghdad (BGW)
Photographer: Farzad Farajpour
Date: July 26, 2013


Mark Pyruz said...

How on earth do those Iranians keep these old birds flying in spite of all those sanctions?

And who in their right mind in the year 2000 would have believed an Iranian commercial passenger flight from Kerman to Baghdad possible?

Crazier than Hollywood's "Mission Impossible."

Anonymous said...

Boeing makes tough cookies, if anyone studies more about airframes and aircraft engines and more study about A, B, C, D, checks then it is believable that these
planes can fly even longer lifespan than factory's recommendations.
Douglas DC-3 " Dakotas" and military types C-47s s wings were designed to fly
over 100,000 hours in 1937, therefore it is not strange to see these planes still
Iran air despite all the sanctions can find parts in the world since there are lots of suppliers available and besides Iran has very highly trained maintenance crew
who have all been trained by Boeing, in U.S. another point is that if you are in sanctions what is the other choice while you can not buy NEW planes ?????