Monday, August 19, 2013

'Dreamland of Padide Shandiz' complex in Mashhad, under construction

Massive new tourism complex being constructed in Mashhad employing twenty tower cranes

Previous stage of development where this project claimed to break a world record for concrete pouring

Artist's rendering of completed Dreamland of Padide Shandiz complex in Mashhad

Artist's rendering of the complex's 5-star hotel

Artist's rendering of completed administrative and office park

Artist's rendering of service-related and short term residential park

Artist's rendering of water recreation park

Artist's renderings of amusement park details

Artist's rendering of cultural and convention center utilizing a cube design

Artist's rendering of shopping center interior detail

Artist's rendering of the complex's botanical garden



Anonymous said...

WOW, I hope this is true, and the final product will be like the renders.

B.M.A said...

mashaAllah!-a wise investment!

-thanks Mark once more for bringing this one along!

Anonymous said...

Wow...i was there 3 months ago...they are very fast...when i was there i think only one third was under construction...

mat said...

Truely amazing! What IRAN's own, world-classed architectural designs.

Anonymous said...

I agree,what beautiful architecture,very stunning

Anonymous said...

artists rendering of bulls shitting was omitted but picture the fanboy holding up a large pile and telling us all " tastes great ".

Anonymous said...

Looks like this complex's 5 star hotel will reach a level of around 60 stories and its unique shape is going to bring an amazing architectural landmark and a healthy kind of joy and pride for the Iranian population...