Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mahan Air pilots equipped with iPad EFBs

Iranian air crew equipped with iPad electronic flight bags (EFBs), better described as electronic information management devices.

Identified by the photographer as "iPads," these devices are subject to sanctions and not sold by Apple in Iran. As with other consumer good subject to sanctions, from iPads to Chevy Camaros to Gibson guitars, such items in limited quantities do find a way into the country.

Photo taken by Mohammadreza Farhadi Aref aboard Majan Air Airbus A300B4-603 (EP-MNQ / cn 553), May 9, 2013, on a flight from Mashad to Tehran.


Anonymous said...

These US/Zionist "sanctions" are really pathetic and how can a deadbeat like US keep anything out of Iranian hands. The word BAZAAR originated from Farsi meaning Persians were the original masters of trade and barter and created the marketplace. Iran is a rich nation with at least 8 open borders not to mention the Iranian lake of Persian Gulf. Everything gets in but is a bit more expensive. Also remember Persian traders opened the Silk Route to China and the Orient. Now try "sanctioning" a country with industrious people and a 6000 year old trading history.

Just for the ignorant US rednecks and Zionist shills this is the real picture and how can a nation of 80 million sitting on the world's energy resources be sanctioned?

Iranian Sea Access: Persian Gulf Coastline: 989 kms (Iran is the only country that covers the whole Persian Gulf coastline and Sea of Oman hence the name Persian Gulf) Iran also borders Caspian Sea: 650 kms

Iranian Land boundaries: total: 5,440 km
Iran borders these countries: Afghanistan 936 km, Armenia 35 km, Azerbaijan-proper 432 km, Azerbaijan-Naxcivan exclave 179 km, Iraq 1,458 km, Pakistan 909 km, Turkey 499 km, Turkmenistan 992 km

Anonymous said...

they use IPADS?

Anonymous said...

Most likely these would be iranian produced tablets

Anonymous said...

excuse me sir
, but that is very stupid article
The Airbus and Boeing are subject to sanctions too.
if the big airplanes can imported, why these small ipad can not.
go to the next bazar of istanbul, Dubai and purchase 100 ipads and import it to iran
no problem. no body in custom of Dubai controlling your ipads

Anonymous said...

so enemies can read and track them

Anonymous said...

True, but Iranian IT and Cyber scientists are quite good now after the Stuxnet virus. Iran now sweeps almost all electronic imports and aircraft regularly. The US/Zionist stuxnet proved to be a blessings for Iran as it propelled Iran to tighten Cyber security and pay more attention to ELINT (electronic intelligence). Iranian capabilities have been on amply display by commandeering several US/Zionist drones including the most advanced RQ-170 Sentinel stealth aircraft which is now being cloned by Iran and its allies.

China or Russia also cooperate closely with Iranian ELINT programs and now perhaps we will see young Mr.Snowden as a guest of Iran on a lecture circuit. Russia has gained a bonanza of information on the architecture of US stasi state and snooping techniques. The 4 laptops Mr. Snowden had, contained more than porn I am certain.