Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Khavaran theater complex in Tehran, newly constructed

Newly constructed Khavaran Professional Theater complex in Tehran, near opening

Khavaran Professional Theater complex consists of a main hall with capacity of 1000 seats and four experimental halls with capacities of 150 seats. Also, a puppet show hall at the center will provide for 120 visitors at each performance. [Source:]

Ornate landscaping detail. Theater complex includes a specialized library and Internet site, galleries, workshop and educational spaces, restaurant and vending stands.

Sculpture positioned before one of the minor theater halls

Newly installed theater seats yet to have protectors removed

Wide-angle view from the vantage of the stage

Interior detail of modern stylized, spiral stairway

Interior detail depicting mezzanine and another spiral stairway



Anonymous said...

Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Nice. Persians dominated arts, music, poetry and literature for centuries and investing in cultural infrastructure signifies a nations influence and richness. Iranians have provided civilization with immense cultural landmarks from Central Asia to India.

reader said...

Very impressive. Good to see that art and culture are valued as a necessary part of everyday life. Who are we to thank for this?

Anonymous said...

The members of this regime were the very people that burned theaters and called it "Western".Hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

Kindly get over the FACT that the revolution was 35 years ago and life, attitudes and above all, Iran has moved on! Wallowing in misery is not very cultured or good for your spiritual growth. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed the Iranian people are "wallowing in misery" due to the still born "revolution" of 35 years ago.Just look at the "Majles" and see how "cultured" the regime members are! Even animals behave better in a barn! Best wishes to you as well matey boy.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what kind of plays they will have there? Will be free from censorship?
Maybe Tazieh all the way ?

Anonymous said...

No; wrong place to look at. Rather look at US congress to find your desired animal(even you can find some zombies there!).

Anonymous said...

Wrong! The "zombies" are the ass licking yes men of Ali Geda that form the Taveleh majles!

Anon 12:27 PM Tazieh indeed!

Anonymous said...

Anon. Aug. 22 8:43

This is the state of censorship in Iran, no matter how many new theaters they build:


Anonymous said...

wow. a puppet show!

does that mean that Ahmadinejad is remaining on stage?