Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Pics: Public housing project at Parand, under construction

The new town of Parand is situated 10 km west from Robat Karim (situated 35 km southwest from Tehran) on the way to Saveh and it has about 7000 students in Islamic azad university. [Source: Wikipedia]

The town is intended to provide residence for the staffs of Imam Khomeini International Airport, create a balance in the settlement pattern of Tehran, establish an appropriate environment to draw in the extra population of Tehran and offer an alternative to unsystematic settlements. Parand is expected to accommodate 80,000 citizens across 1,467 hectares, aiming to host low-income families (laborers’ and employees’ housing cooperatives). [Source: Wikipedia]

Curious the apparent scarcity of construction cranes evident among the partially completed residential towers, suggestive of a slowdown or pause.

Yet to be seen if Ahmadinejad's mass public housing policies will be continued during the Rouhani administration

Interior detail from one of the completed residential towers at Parand

Photos: Abdolvahed Mirzazadeh at ISNA, Hadi Hirbodvash at FARS News Agency


Anonymous said...

Why do they build these ugly Soviet style blocks? Why the hell can't they build smaller four story apartments which are more pleasing to the eye? Iran isn't exactly a small country for them to be living on top of each other.

Anonymous said...

Propaganda by "Fan boy" again.
I came back from Iran 2 weeks ago. I spoke to people who have been waiting for 4 years to get their apartments and nothing is happening. One who had got the apartment was given one without anything for the interior of the flat. (No plumbing , no cables for electricity, no paint) and certainly nothing like "Fan Boy's" picture indicate (Furniture and carpets)
More Propaganda by "Bache Basijis"