Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rouhani: ‘Country Needs Resolve to Distance Itself from Extremism’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in his first speech to the nation as president that the country needs “national resolve to distance itself from extremism in policymaking and management.” 

“The dialogue that won the majority vote in the election was moderation,” Rouhani said at his endorsement ceremony on Saturday. With senior Iranian leaders, including the supreme leader and former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, sitting at the rostrum, Rouhani promised “constructive interaction with the world.”

"Moderation does not mean deviating from principles and it is not conservatism in the face of change and development. Moderation is an active and patient approach in society in order to be distant from the abyss of extremism,

“In the international arena we will also take new steps to promote the Iranian nation towards securing national interests and removing sanctions. Although there are many limitations, the future is bright and promising,

“The priority of the (new) government is Iran's economic salvation, constructive interaction with the world, and a restoration of morality,” Rouhani said in his speech.
Rouhani said the June 14 election decreased social and political gap inside the country and strengthened national unity, strengthening Islamic Republic’s regional and international standing. 
“The joy resulting from this trust [of the people] created a new social wealth for Iran that not only repelled various … threats from the country but also created new opportunities for [taking] a leap towards the country’s progress,” Rouhani said.

Sources: IRIB/Press TV/Reuters, 3 August 2013

The new president’s swearing-in ceremony will be held on Sunday with the participation of Iranian officials as well as foreign dignitaries.

Photo credit: President Hassan Rouhani speaking after confirmation of his election victory by the supreme leader, seated at left. Also present at the rostrum was Iran’s elder statement Ayatollah Rafsanjani, seated at right.


Anonymous said...

In the Islamic mafia run state talk is cheap.

Anonymous said...

securing national interests and removing sanctions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes, Yes, Yes!!! finally!!!!!!!! Amen!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope some of the known and unknown forces both inside and outside the country do not mistranslate or misinterpret his words again to suit their own agenda. He needs to start working fast on the elegant set of promises he made to bring back to the country to normalcy . G A in MD

B.M.A said...

Great speech!

Great speech by the President.He has the concern of the Nation at heart,and may the Almighty help him realize his dreams for the Nation.

Anonymous said...

Iranian course will remain the same. The structure of government in Iran is now almost 35 years old and a large ship set on that course can not turn on a dime. I believe there is a lot of hype and wishful thinking amongst people who are out of tune with Iranian national and political dynamics. In any case, let's wish Dr.Rohani the best and let time and history be the judge.

Anonymous said...

The title of the above artcle "Rouhani: 'Country Needs Resolve to Distance Itself from Extremism'", like the other ones, distort intentions of the President Rouhani, by ommiting his other important statements.

President Rouhani stated recently that:
"...I frankly say that if you want proper response, speak to Iranian nation not with the language of sanctions, but with the language of respect"
"The (outcome of the) election was not the result of a chasm between people and the ruling system since the Iranian people chose a person as president who had serious responsibilities for years in the system of Islamic Republic of Iran.
The election demonstrated the Iranian people's pursuit of dignity."

Those two Rohani's statements deny author's clever attempts to smuggle a propaganda that the Islamic Republic is a perpetrator of the EXTREMISM.

Those multiple ommisions of full facts and essential comments at present and in the past, as well as author's avoidance to state his views, where he hasn't stated his position regarding the resent passage of the new sanctions by the US Hose, yet and where he had also ignored to state his position about Arab claims to the Iranian islands and instructed instead of to "look" for his position in his 2007 comments, authorize any fair person to question impartiality of author's views.


P.S. Recent modification of this web side has created serious obstacles or impossibility to make an research of the past on that web site.
Whenever I attempt to return to my search engine from this web site, it is impossible and I have to close Uskowi's web page to my server page....
I have no problems with any other web sites to go back to my previous search engine, even with the web sites considered as an unfriendly to the West "values".

Nader Uskowi said...

We are using Blogger as our platform, and Blogger does not permit any modification of the sort you are referring to. I know this is an old issue with you, and I am sure you run into this problem, otherwise you would not have mentioned it so many times for so long. We have not changed any parameters. I will ask Mark to comment on this as well, as he is our web tech guru.

As to the body of your comment, please go and read the text of the speech again. Rouhani said in no uncertain terms that the election was the victory of moderation over extremism. It does not take much "cleverness" to understand that statement. Again, my suggestion to you is accept the results of the election and live with it. Extremists (represented by Jalili) were badly and embarrassingly defeated. Moderates on the other hand carried all but three provinces, carried all major cities, carried rural and industrial towns, carried Qum as well as Baluchestan. Time to move on, as the country is facing serious economic problems.

Anonymous said...

Brother, do you agree with the title and the above published author's article?.
My additional comments, about article, has been posted after your 3:52AM comment,

Does Mark has no time to post his comments about this article?


Anonymous said...

Nader Uskowi,I have noticed that you have not allowed some of my posts through.I would like to know the reason behind your decisions.To help you I didn't use any bad language or personal attacks.I just believe in writing what many believe in,even if it might offend some people.I don't like a pack of lies written about Iran's past.If that offends you in what I believe should be challenged against liars and pure propagandists then I think you are either cow tailing the "reformists" in the regime or just hate the recent 54 year old monarchy and their modernists views although not 100% perfect.Remember Iran wasn't Holland or Sweden but a country in the middle east bordered by hostile nations which were far worse than Iran at the time.Even Spain,Greece,Portugal were no better than Iran at the time.

Anonymous said...

I'm really disappointed that you have refused to allow my posts through on your blog.So much for Iranian democracy and a free press.The way you are operating might as well be IRIB or Kayhan Tehran edition. Even when I try to prove to others that they are a pack of liars and traitors to Iran's 2600 years of written history you prevent my post through.You put to much faith into the regimes manufactured "moderates" like Rouhani who murdered Iranian students in the 2003 riots as well as countless other crimes against the nation.Just admit it,you tolerate the regime in Tehran and would like for it to stay for as long as possible until the rotten apple(the country)can full into the hands of the supporters of republicism.I doubt you will allow the post through but never the less I have expressed my opinion about your blog.