Thursday, August 1, 2013

Latest pics: Sadr Expressway in Tehran, under construction

Sadr Expressway cloverleaf interchange under construction

Nearly complete upper level of expressway stretch, with uninterrupted traffic seen below

Note the numerous unrelated construction projects seen in the background

Durable surface pavement being laid down upon upper stretch of expressway

Temporary lighting suggests expressway work continues during the night

Guard railing being secured by Iranian construction worker

Colorful bridge erection cranes employed at construction site

Tadano TG-500E hydraulic truck crane working the site

Sadr Expressway bridge pier detail



Anonymous said...

Good for Tehran. NOW PLEASE FOCUS ON pollution and traffic!!!! please , please, please.

Mark Pyruz said...

Currently here in San Francisco we've about twenty tower cranes working construction sites, and I'm told by an iron worker friend about two dozen more are planned for the imminent future. We consider this a construction boom.

I'm really curious how many tower cranes are currently at work in Tehran. Nearly every photo of the city shows at least one, with most showing more than one. Just in the above photos, I count no less than eight.

Anonymous said...

Mark, as you are very well informed about these projects, could you please tell us, who, which entity is behind these massive projects? Any tendering process? Any private companies involved? The Tehran Municipality? Is it the IRGC or "Gharar gahe Khatam -ol- anbia" ? I am sure as an "investigative journalist" these questions must be interesting to you.

B.M.A said...

Mark this is a working Nation and a performing Government!!.-the construction boom in Tehran and other cities is yet another manifestation of confidence on the part of citizens to their Government amid war threats and SETS AND NEW SETS of sanctions from a desperate CONGRESS.

Anonymous said...

Without any consideration they built this ugly flyover past our flats.This THING will only increase pollution in the area.If you increase the belt for a fat man he will grow more into it.

Anonymous said...

for your listening pleasure, fanboy.