Thursday, August 29, 2013

Claimed rebel chemical weapon attack, reported by Iranian journalist inside Syria - Video

Amended: 8/29/13 Above IRIB reporter inside Syria apparently embedded with Syrian Army reports on claimed Syrian rebel chemical weapon attack.

Below: video provided by Syrian rebels claiming to portray Syrian Army troops (in RG appearing gear) firing a chemical weapon munition. It is obviously not an Iranian Fajr-5. Over at Roque Adventurer blog, observer notes similarity to an Iranian Falaq-2 launcher


Anonymous said...

There is ZERO chance that the winning Syrian military would have used any binary weapons. In any case, the US warmongers and the puny British mutts are backing down due to massive public opposition and Russia and China asserting themselves. The US is looking more STUPID by the hour. The Takfiri cannibals are getting very anxious as opportunity slips.

reader said...

Folks, assuming the video and the phone call intercept are not fabricated, the evidence is stacking up against Syrian army. If it is proven beyond doubt that Syrian army was behind this atrocity IRI must do the honourable thing and demand the trial of the leader of the Syrian chemical weapon unit.

Anonymous said...

Now we understand the reasons for the systematic ban on PressTV.

I hope God protects Iran from its Enemies, droughts and more important "Lies". May all who lie about Iran get cancer and die.

Azari by fortune and Iranian by Grace of God
Dariush London

Anonymous said...

Yes that is how the Zionist media manufactures consent and prepare the brainwashed western sheeple for Zionist wars. The war on Syria is part of the Iran destruction project the Zionist scum

A good article you may find interesting:

The war on Iran begins…in Syria

As the United States, along with its European and Israeli allies, prepares to launch yet another illegal war of aggression in the Middle East, the geopolitics of the US strategy could not be more apparent.

Despite the high-minded talk of humanitarianism, the US is advancing a transparently neo-colonialist agenda aimed at securing hegemony in the region by destroying what little opposition remains.

The images and videos flooding the internet since last week purport to show ‘evidence’ of a chemical weapons attack perpetrated by the Assad regime. This development neatly and conveniently coincides with the declaration by the Obama administration that the use of such weapons constitutes a ‘red line’, merely a euphemism for the point at which the US would feel emboldened to militarily intervene on behalf of the rebels.

And so, as news outlets report on the ‘likely use of chemical weapons’ by Damascus without anything other than unverifiable hearsay and ambiguous video footage, the drumbeat of war gets louder and louder.

A clear-thinking and rational political analyst would immediately be suspicious about the attack considering the presence of international chemical weapons investigators in Syria, as well as the fact that Damascus was undeniably winning the war against the jihadi rebel factions in cities like Qussair, Homs, Aleppo and elsewhere. That Assad would sabotage his own military victories and provide the perfect pretext for a foreign intervention is not only far-fetched, it runs contrary to his own record throughout this conflict. Remember that Damascus has shown restraint in the face of international war crimes committed against it by Israel, Turkey and other regional actors who have been fomenting the conflict in Syria for more than two years.

Smashing the Shiite crescent

In the decades since the revolution of 1979 which created the modern Islamic Republic of Iran, the US policy toward that country has been antagonistic and belligerent to such a degree that Iran has been forced, out of sheer necessity, to rely very heavily on its few regional and international allies. And so, given the political posture of Bashar Assad, like that of his father before him, Damascus has been viewed as Iran’s key political partner, providing Iran with a crucial ally along the border with Israel and a bridge to the Hezbollah organization in Southern Lebanon. Additionally, a multi-ethnic society like Syria with a dominant Shiite-Alawite demographic presents itself as a natural friend to Shiite Iran. However, the importance of this relationship does not stop at mere similarities.

Since the United States imposed draconian sanctions against Tehran, ostensibly over Iran’s alleged nuclear program, the economics of the Iran-Syria relationship have become even more significant. As Tehran has been increasingly frozen out of world energy markets due to US and European sanctions that make it difficult if not impossible to settle international debts with the Islamic Republic, it has been forced to find alternative methods and infrastructure to sell its oil and gas and maintain its fragile economy.

Anonymous said...

what ban on PRESS-TV ????

that noisome, scabrous mess of bullsht and lies is available anywhere.

Anonymous said...

US Secretary Collin Powell, had also shown some photos of Iraqi the United Nations some time ago....


Anonymous said...

thermo baric war head only. improvised for bunker busting or air burst capacity to cause hi over and then under pressure on a large surface area. made at war time with war time logistics looks like a 333mm booster and a 600mm diameter warhead probably from a frog 5 could be filled with ethanol oxide hi angle of 45 to 50 deg departure means relatively long possible range depending on warhead to booster power ratio off course. think of it as a 800mm carl Gustavo of 2013. I wonder if the kids in hailed non detonated ethanol and died because of it in the news footage poor kids all ways die when adults play war games shame on you

Anonymous said...

Press TV and CoCo the clown.

Both should not be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

@ Mr and Mrs CoCo the clown,
If Press TV is so trivial, then why Ban it or fear it.

Anonymous said...

Talking of bs and lies, you really should not rely entirely on Fox "news" and the similar mainstream media of the USA.

Anonymous said...

where is it banned?

It's readily available on the internet as far as I can tell. I went to the site 2 minutes ago.
Latest NewsTop Hits
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same old crap as always.