Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ahmadinejad Appointed To The Expediency Council

Phot Source: rnw.nl
The Supreme leader of Iran, Khamenei, has appointed, the now ex-president, Ahmadinejad to the Expediency Council (1) which is headed by Rafsanjani (2). 



Anonymous said...

This is a good move as Mahmoud is very popular amongst the poor, Sepah and even the middle class, not to mention the Muslim world. I would not be surprised if after 4 years he stages a Putin style comeback. It all depends on how much Dr.Rohani accomplishes in his first term. In any case, recognizing a popular ex-President for hos contribution to Iran is a wise move and shows the maturity of Iranian democracy.

Anonymous said...

As you well know by now the Moft Khors which consist 100% of the regime look out for each other.The more one commits crimes for this corrupt regime the more they are promoted to higher positions.Ghalibaf for instance use to work for the security forces and has personally murdered lots of opponents of the regime.Yet they promoted the criminal to "mayor".And then this farcical selection of Rouhani promoted to "president".As if the man was innocent and unaware of the realities in the country but in truth the criminal was responsible for the crushing of the 2003 student riots and countless other crimes against the nation.

Anonymous said...

Why complain? According to certain people who comment here, crimes against ordinary people don't matter. Especially violent crimes. According to the anti-Iran people who comment here, violent crimes are just "petty crimes". That's what they write when the state catches and punishes criminals.

Anonymous said...

"anti-Iran people"

You've got one of the worst anti Iranian regimes in Iran's history and you've got the nerve to call others "anti-Iran"? Akhe vehghahat ta cheh hadaddi?

Anonymous said...

It is another brilliant and strategic move of the Supreme Leader intented to fortify and solidify unity of nation, during crucial times in its history.

That situation shows how necessary is a strong leadership during the attacks by multiple and more powerful enemies.

Unity of the nation is even more important than any sofisticated weaponry...

Ayatollah Khamenei decree also nulifies enemies claims, that there are "serious divisions in the Islamic Republic's leaderships", and expresses an recognition as well as a gratitude for Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's service for the wellbeing of the Islamic Rebublic and her people.

Mr. Ahmadinejad political career has not been finished yet, and as I have been anticipating earlier that the Supreme Leader will forgive Dr. Ahmadinejad his amendable mistakes at the right time; and that time was very short for the good of the country...and has benefited its destiny.