Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Every Man's Terrorist

By Paul Iddon

The case against the use of violence, terrorism or sabotage by those opposed to the Iranian regime as a means of trying to bring it down.

U.S. embassy in Beirut after terrorist attack 1983.

 In the aftermath of the recent oil pipeline fire in Khuzestan traders have cited fears of terrorism as the cause of the fire.

Would such terrorism and economic sabotage be justified in the name of bringing down the present regime in a bid to implement a democratic government in its place?
Of course not, and here's why;

The aftermath of the June 2009 elections in Iran caught the west's attention much more than the previous reformist student protests ten years beforehand. Not only was the association of Iran as a backward country self-evidently rendered untrue, as the only clear signs of primitivism an observant viewer saw came from the Basij thugs who were shown coldly and callously lashing out at unarmed and non-violent civilian protesters with batons. The advent and prominence of modern information technology made the amateur camera phone video clip of Neda Agha Soltan's death the 'most widely witnessed death in human history' as TIME magazine so aptly described it.

I know many in Iran are feeling both scared and angry and some even vengeful and feel like fighting the oppressors back by utilizing similar violent means in which to conduct such a fight, as a form of retribution if you will. This will not serve the purpose of Iranians who are fighting and in many cases risking their lives in bringing about democratic change. The violent anti-regime groups are much loathed for rightful reasons, because they harm the country and its citizens, the Jundallah for example who have in past blown up Shiite mosques aren't exactly striking a blow for freedom, or showing Iranians and the rest world how the present regime is illegitimate and oppressive, no they're simply another group of deplorable murderous thugs who're in reality no better than the ones they're committed to destroying.

To phrase it another way, if violence is the only language the regime can bring itself to speak then the people should speak the language of peace and unity as a way of marginalizing the regime and in effect wait for it to over play its hand and sign itself into the history books, as the last Shah did when he had Iranian soldiers open fire on an assembly of protesters. I am not trying to convey or adapt some wishful hippy mindset with regards to modern Iranian politics, but I do think that a strong willed solidarity movement will be a much stronger form of resistance than a heavily armed underground insurgency. It wasn't terrorism that brought the Soviet Union down, it was the solidarity movements of the likes of the one led by Lech Walesa in Poland, it was the resolve of the collective peoples, like those in Czechoslovakia whose peaceful resolve in the famous Velvet Revolution led them down a relatively bloodless path to democracy*, or in the Baltic states where the peoples of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania all joined hands in the Singing Revolution. Or even in Iran itself in 1979, where after living in fear for several years of the Shah's dreaded SAVAK secret police the Iranian people fought together in their united opposition of the megalomaniac despot ruling their country.

In his book The Persian Puzzle author Kenneth Pollack asserts that they're two clocks ticking in Iran at present, one clock is ticking down the time until Iran enriches enough uranium to build a nuclear weapon, and the other one is ticking down the time the dictatorial theocracy has left until it can no longer assert its hold on power and the public's imagination.
I myself am opposed to the United States or Israel launching any form of a pre-emptive strike against any of Iran's nuclear facilities as I know there is a strong possibility that it would prompt the regime to respond militarily and therefore result in the United States military bombarding Iran to the extent that most of its infrastructure will be devastated as to prevent it from being capable of projecting conventional strength past its own borders, such an attack would be devastating to the country and its inhabitants.

The current US contingency plan to attack Iran has a list that ranges some 10,000 targets, this would most likely start with high ranking targets such as nuclear facilities, then ballistic missiles, air defence systems, air bases and army bases and then on to basic infrastructure such as roads etc., such a bombardment could break the back of the country, and increase the senile theocracies hold on domestic power as under the fog of war they would be able to brutishly crush opposition groups and solidify their own hold on power over a people stricken by the effects such an attack would have on the country at large. The regime in its prime youthful days held itself together in exactly this manner, when Saddam Hussein launched his invasion in 1980 the Islamic revolution was solidified as the invasion was seen by them as not only an attack on Iran, but an attack on Islam and thus a holy war, therefore the regime self justified itself in its own mind as it crushed any reformist groups at will under the guise of them being not only Iraqi-inspired enemies of the state but also as enemies of the revolution, and therefore enemies of Islam itself.

My main point is that if under the scenario outlined above in which the regime itself would likely to be able to tighten its grip on power and buy itself some more precious time then what good would domestic terrorism or economic sabotage do in the first place?
Leave that to the same fanatics who plundered the Iranian peoples hopes for a proper democratic system for the second time in the 20th century, as the real Iranian patriots who are looking to the future are the ones building up, not tearing down, they're the ones who see Iran as Iran, and who see the present as the 'Islamic Republic' phase and they're sure as hell not going to devote their energy into taking up a campaign of violence in a bid to take down the regime in an arduous and counter productive struggle that could see extensive damage done to the countries infrastructure.

If the regimes main proxy, Hezbollah is any example it is clear the enforcers and maintainers of the Islamic regime would strive with Iran and her people subject to poverty, destruction and defeat. This fact alone shows violent and terrorist methods of resistance and regime change would be dangerously futile and is inevitably a form of playing the regimes game, on their field, with their rules, made by them in a bid to give them a monopoly over the games primary tactic; violence.

More aptly put, blowing up oil installations and sabotaging economic assets isn't a productive way of paving the proverbial highway of Iran towards a brighter and more prosperous future.

* The Iranian regime is so insecure about the people in which it governs that it even expressed paranoia in the past over a peaceful 'Velvet Revolution' breaking out in Iran.


Anonymous said...

Irans System can not be brought down.Not with War and not with terror.

Anonymous said...

I travelled through Soviet republics as an adolescent in the mid 70s. They were viable until their economies tanked, which was in no small part due to the cold war.

I have personal friends and acquaintances from E. Germany, Ukraine and Croatia. They pretty much say that since their country's changeover, they received a bit more freedom but lost full employment and free healthcare.

And Paul, you continue to ignore the public opinion polls I've cited for your review. You must admit, you're offering written support for a fringe element in Iran. That's okay for you as long as you don't in any way misrepresent it as being based on majority sentiment in Iran. In effect, you're supporting contentions against the will of the majority of Iranians living in Iran. That can hardly be claimed as supporting democracy, as a majority reflected in an election result is fundamental of such.

Anonymous said...

US/UK/Israel die a little every time they harm Iran. Look at them now and compare them to 30 years ago !

Iran shall prevail, at great cost but still prevail.

Fear no terror and war.It is Irans turn to rise to the stars.

Anonymous said...

Iran used to be near the "stars" but unfortunately its in a deep well right now but not to worry we will kick them out and leave the of dark ages behind us !! THANKS PAUL

Anonymous said...

Iran's rise started when the Pahlavis were busied.

Now the US is trying to use the MEK as "mohalel" and finally stuff new Pahlavis or etc. to the Iranians... so the think and hope.

They hope to make Iran stop its Oil bourse and space research and military developments and scientific publications and etc etc.

Thats why all corporate media keep insisting Iran to be in the dark... and some idiots reflect it even and believe it.

Iran has prevailed anon 9:28.

Nobody said its gonna be easy, first time we lost because we were week in 1953, but now we are strong and can resist.

Bless Iran

Anonymous said...

That is right Iran will prevail when we throw all the stinky mullahs out!

Look at Iran now compared to over 30 years ago we would have had 25 nuclear reactors by now.

All the industries the ship,car in fact everything major would have been first class by now.Look at our currency worthless.
What we needed then was reform not a backward revolution lead by a bunch of primitive anti Iranian idiots!
These terrorist have to be smoked out like the bandits they are.
Thanks Paul for this interesting article.

Anonymous said...

No the US and Britain installed the ignorant mullahs so that they could destroy Iranian chances of being a first world power.
Military what military with old T55 and T72 TANKS which where out of date even in 1970s!All the best Tanks are still the old chieftains and M60s I should know because I used to operate them the T72 are death traps as for the T55 forget it!No matter how much you modify those Tanks they have past there sell by date.This also reflects the Air Force as well and well as the Navy.
No Anon 11:26 AM Iran has not prevailed only the mullahs temporarily prevail to line their pockets while Iran has become a third world economy and power.
I was there and saw the full events from the beginning.
No Anon 11:26 Iran was "busied" when the mullahs came.It shows how little some minority of Iranians know about the reality to much propaganda.
Once again thanks Paul

Anonymous said...

Anno August 10, 2011 12:49 PM

Iran does not buy any Equipment from West, Iran maintain modernize old eqiupments and make new one.

It is important that iran have own military Industrie and not buy from US odr UK , like Saudiarabia.

Anonymous said...

anno August 10, 2011 12:49 PM

what is your point or solution, buying newst Equipment from the west like Shah ?
thaT MAKEs Iran poor and Western companies rich.
That brings only Corruption among Iranian armee, like Corrupt shah Armee
better modernize and maintain old equipment, it si cheaper and better.

Anonymous said...

The Iranian people choose who they like if its a Democratic Republic or a Constitutional Monarchy like Britain or Japan so be it.
But I can say the majority of Iranians are not happy with this system which is a Theocratic state far from an Republic and do not wast my time with useless blatant indoctrinated propaganda.

Anonymous said...

how many US soldiers must be killed in Irak, Afghanistan, how many depts your government must collect,untiol you understand Attacking iran is suicide ?

iranian knows you are bankrupt,
They donot fear you.

Anonymous said...

Did Paul say that US should attack Iran? Read the article again its really become boring this anti American Zionist NEOCON MKO SHAHIST claptrap change the record.

Anonymous said...

Iranians might be unhappy with many things but they despise monarchy of any form or method, and they despise the MEk/or MKO or fifth column or whatever.

If you should think that Iranians inside Iran are even considering these alternatives, then your far off course.

Iran will reform at a slow pace, but first after the threat is over in 15 years from now when the wars are over.

Anonymous said...

Iranians despise? Or do you mean Mullahs and their backward followers despise? Wait for Ten to Fifteen years and see what happens ? Nothing is going to happen this regime is not for changing you just do not get it do you?We are fed up with them they must all leave power and their criminals must be put to justice.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:51 PM..That equipment that the Shah bought saved our asses from Saddam armies all our Tanks where western so was our Air Force and Navy.
We still use these weapons today F14 was like the f22 raptor of its day.We where going to build the F16 and the F18 with transfer of technology what is wrong in buying latest western technology China does and so would Iran today but is not allowed.
You say Shah Army was corrupt?
I ask you where you there? No you where not you listen to much false propaganda.
The Shahs Air Force and equipment saved your asses if it was not for them Saddam would have tea in Tehran in 1981 and you would not be on the internet spreading propaganda.I was in Army so stop talking rubbish.You sit in T72 or T55 very cramped but western tank more spacious and better quality when your life is at risk I know I rather be in Chieftain Tank.
Stop talking false propaganda you sound ridiculous who do you think your talking to?

Anonymous said...

August 10, 2011 5:58 PM
what you say is absurd

how can You say we are going under Shah to produce F16, F18.
which country in the world and wich customer of USA building F16-F18?

The equipment bought by Shah were valueless and changed to old Metal,after few weeks. without Technical Support of American is all Arms are valueless.paying provision to Shah General to arrange Aerm - contracts

even after the Americans leaved, The Iran moved to produce the Arms and having military Technologie like today.

"Even more they(Western Countries) try to isolate us, we get better"
Ayatollah Khomeini

Anonymous said...

August 10, 2011 3:35 PM
Did Paul say that US should attack Iran?
ofcourse he did not.
but he try to play a psyco game
and frighten us.
That is very typical for American.

"If you donot stop your Nuke Program, we bomob you , impose hard Sanctions,bla-bla-bla..."
I saw such claims 100 times in last yeaer.

now because neighther direct nor indirect force working, he dreams from velvet Revolution im iran.
qwe know you are bankrupt, we donot fear you.

go and see the Street of London, that is the erevolution

Anonymous said...

Anon August 10 6:20PM...What I say is absurd? I am a soldier and I say go and read some books and look for Iranian Arms Procurement under the Shah then come and say who is "absurd".

If the equipment bought by the Shah was valueless and changed to old metal as you claim then why are we still using the valueless weapons today after 35 years??
Do you know the present history of Iran ? By the way you write you seem to believe in regime or your own propaganda.

You also quoted that charlatan Khomeini to me that anti Iranian traitor that wanted Iran to burn for Islam.
I was there and saw events Khomeini hated Iranian nationalism he was only for Islam and Mullah not Iran and Iranian people he tricked the Iranian people and so do his successors.
The time is nearly up for this regime it is a walking dead man a zombie it must be buried to rest for eternity.

Anonymous said...

@ anon August 10, 2011 12:04 PM & 12:49

I take it you are one and the same person.

Che dele khoshi dari shoma duste aziz !

I doubt your projections of the future would materialize, but I hope for you to find peace and happines of mind.

Bless Iran

Anonymous said...

You ask whic country is putting F16 together. I tell you Turkey. They upgrade all their F 15 and F 16's
The Mullah's are so proud of the Iranian manufatcured Helicopters. It was "Hava niruz" bought and developed by the Shah. The Mullah's are proud of the Kaman 99 operation when almost 140 F4 and F5'd flew to Bagdad and north part of Iraq and bombed the hell of the Iraqis and 60 F14 were deployed for close air support. The Kaman 99 operation had been planned in details by the Royal Imperial air forces officers long befor the illiterate mullahs and pasdars took over. You think these idiots could come up with such a detailed , successful operation? Hardly.
The Mullahs upgraded and developed new weapons? Yeh right. They were buying them from the Israelis (You idiots have forgotten Iran-Contra affair) spare Parts for the F4's and F5's Even now after 40 years they are trying to buy the spare parts on the black market.
The Islamic Republic air force is a joke now and will be demolished even by the small Gulf states air forces in a matter of days if they decide to take them on. This is what a bunch of Pasdar and basiji thugs have done to Iran.

Anonymous said...

Anon August 11 7:43 AM...I think likewise.
Hamesheh delam khosheh duste asiz!

The shifting sands of time will tell when the songbird perches on thou bell !

Yes May God Bless Iran to Eternity.

Anonymous said...

typical shahphile what U talking about Turkish f-16s wee only upgraded with us technical assistance as turky is a nato member it gets technology transfer and gets equipment in kit form,
the iraq-iran war had meny operations that were sucessfull had nothing to do with prior plans
what realy won iran iraq war was early reverse engneering of basic equipment, like rpg-7s

the fact that u can just putout one stroke "ignorant backward mullahs" makes all the sense and shows the kind of people paul is appealing to

yes those ignorant backward mullahs made a iran true regional power not a us puppet, they put out social justice for iranians not wealth in the hands of few selfish people, they improved irans education system to compete with the best of them so it can build domestic industry which requires techneical expertise

the current system isnt without its faults but for what it is il take it over any alternative the US n u have in mind like what they ve installed in afghanistan and iraq

under circumstances of sanctions and a low base what the mullahs have achieved compared to others in history is self evidently a fact in terms of the economy and general development

you call yourself nationalist your pathetic

Anonymous said...

---"...what the mullahs have achieved compared to others in history is self evidently a fact. " ---

It's not all that evident as to what the mullahs have achieved. outside of collecting and spending the money that comes from the high prices for the oil that comes from the ground (and has nothing to do with any achievement), and preventing the growth of any really representative government for the iranian people, what exactly have the mullahs given Iran?

If tomorrow the oil wells stopped working, how well off would Iran be?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:39 AM...For gods sake calm down man ! Why are you jumping down his throat, he only said what he thought.Please take it easy and read without seeing blood in your eyes.

1.Look up Arms procurement under the Shah especially the Air Force regarding the F14 F16 F18 and also the F15.
2. You will find that F14 was chosen over F15 because it had a more powerful radar and missile system the Phoenix which was and still is the most powerful air to air missile in the world.
3.Iran also ordered 50 F15 with more to come in future.
4.F18 from the very start was partly financed by Iran so that it could be manufactured in Iran as well as the US.
5.F16 Iran ordered 300 of which most would have been produced in Iran all these with transfer of technology.
6.The optics electronic and missile plants was built by Northrop in Iran in the 1970s as well as the transfer of technology.
7.On different note Britain built the tank plant in Iran which was going to produce the Shir Iran tank the best in the world at the time possibly with German diesel engines with transfer of technology.Shir is the British Challenger mark 1 and 2 Tank.I am certain this tank is more modern than what we have now.Before you jump down my throat the tank which Iran building Zolefaqhar is mostly based on M60 tank with Russian smooth bore 120mm gun and loading system which is not as good as the 120mm old Chieftain tank which Iran still operates.
8.Iran would have been miles ahead of Turkey miles in every field!

This Puppet business which you just mentioned can also be applied to Khomeini as well little do you know.Propaganda is the enemy of knowledge and is easily noticed because of its very rudimentary nature.
Every Iranian has a right to an opinion and debate without getting their throats cut that is the problem we have now days we must relearn to communicate.
I a soldier in the Shahs army served in Iran Iraq war in front line in very beautiful tank 1980 to 1984.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:39 correction 125mm Russian smooth bore not my 120mm rifled Chieftain.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:34..We be better off without oil because mullahs would leave us alone and go bank into their mosques and stick to bazaars !

Anonymous said...

Fantastik for Amir to be back with writing some truth tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to tell him to change his classes..!

Anonymous said...

-"it's not all that evident as to what the mullahs have achieved. outside of collecting and spending the money that comes from the high prices"-

of course thats the function of all governments using their resources for maximum utility but my answer is relative to what is being said an alternative governance and the simple claim of of dumb stupid backward mullahs that the opposition puts out to end the argument

Anonymous said...

the shas army upgrading to what u discribe is fantasy by 1979 the US was already concernd about his military program,

apart from the fact there is know way they will allow any regional member to be more powerful then Israel except like turky where the arrangement was made before the 1950s

yes the shas army would have been stronger then any fielded today by iran

what Ur stating were options for shahs army whos spending was already way over budget, there were many plans but its ridiculous to state all of those would have been implemented
second of all there is a long-standing US policy of selling monkey model weaponry which is second rate to their own to their allies which they did to iran and the other well known is to maximise their economic potential which is to sell stuff that required US assistance, so they would very reluctantly have gone that far to build factories as its still capitalism at work

to make iran self sufficent in some weaponry your talking about certainly iran simply didnt not have base the or numbers people with that level of technical knowledge to implement as shah spent more money weapons then on education n industry even turky does not have to base to build the key components for their f-16s

Anonymous said...

---"...of course thats the function of all governments using their resources for maximum utility..."---

and my question was how the heck can anyone claim that the theocrats are achieving maximum utility for the iranian people when they haven't managed to produce a single other important industry for iran and also haven't been able to maintain a good state of repair for the oil that keeps the country afloat?

how much of the money is accountably diverted by the Ayatolloh and diverted away from the Iranian people and given to support gangs of killers in Syria and Lebanon and Gaza and Venezuela while 20% of Iranians still live in poverty?

Bahram said...

First of Turky does not operate F-15s only F-16. Sacond the IIAF never had F-15s on order, only the 300 F-16A.The deal For the f-18L had not been finalized and the shah had not invested in the F-18 program only in Grumand for the F-14s.
To the Anonymous gentelmen who served during the war please accept my gratitude for your service and sacrifice.

Bahram said...

Please let us not forget that at the time that the Shah was building up the Armed Forces we had 40 000 American contractors living in Iran with full immunity from Iranian Law. That to me means that Iran at the time was not a sovern state. Let us not overlook the fact that the main reasons for the US selling those armes in the first place was to make a build up Iran as a protectorate of US foreign interest in the persian gulf against the Soviet Union.

Bahram said...

Iran before the revolution had the largest most technologicaly advanced Air Force in the "middle east",yet half its population was illiterate! Today the IRIAF is outdated but still flying in spite of all the claims that it could not maintain itself without direct Us assistance and the country's illiteracy rate is close to that of the "developed world".

Anonymous said...

Please let us not forget that the Mullahs are paying the Hamas , Hezbollah, the Mahdi Army, Moghtada Alsadr, (Probably more than 40000 people) a lot of money.
The Crown has been replaced by "ammame" . He was called "Khodayegan" and "Aryamehr" the other ones called "Emam" and "Supreme leader" . He was called "Alahazrat" This one is called "Moazamo llah" .
He had seen "the hidden emam" when falling from his horse and helped by him. This one said "Ya Ali" when he came out of his mother's womb. He had the Iranian people under his military "boots". This one under akhund's "Nalein" and pasdar's military "boots"
He had the Evin prison and apparently this one liked it so much that he made it even bigger. One dictatorship replaced by another one. " Khar hamun khare, palunesh avaz shode" !

Anonymous said...

the world's terorist sponsors are us and israel

Anonymous said...

Anon August 11 11:52 PM
1.That is right you put it in a nut shell they where concerned that they being used by the Shah for the rapid development of Iran.
Example 25 nuclear reactors and the one coming on line 1981 nearly 31 years ago.

2.You said.."US policy of selling MONKEY model weaponry which is SECOND RATE"....Come on give me some credit at least I can walk upright !!
The Western "SECOND RATE" monkey weapons are better than the Russian and Chinese "SECOND RATE" monkey weapons.
On more serious note our military was better than some western armies even US.Our Chieftain was better than their M60 tanks. Abrams was on drawing board then.
Our Chieftains where the same speck as British army 1 to 1.
As for "Second rate" If they where second rate then why after 35 years or more we are still using the very same weapons as our FIRST RATE DEFENCE ??
Last but not the least to you answer. You said..."What I am stating is RIDICULOUS"or "FANTASY"
My friend I served my country between 1976 to 1984 and 4 of those years 1980 to 1984 was the war against our enemy Iraq so please choose your words wisely because I have torn a few shirts in my time and know what i am talking about.
You said..."Shah spent more money weapons than education and industry".
Shah did spend a lot of money on defence and you should be glad for it because 90 per cent of Iranian air force today is still the IIAF AND IIAA.
And the best tanks are still the M60s and Chieftains tanks knocking any Russian tanks we have now.
Shah spent greatly on industry and education you listen to much regime propaganda,look at me I am result of education by imperial government they paid for everything they even allowed me to bring car back into Iran TAX FREE!
So do not listen to false propaganda ask different Iranians questions. This is the last time I will communicate.

Anonymous said...

---" Shah spent greatly on industry and education."---

The Shah spent lavishly on the military and many other things, but not on feeding the people of Iran.

40% of the Shahs fellow Iranians lived in poverty while the aristocracy lived in splendor and the military in comfort.

40% !!!!!!!!

Even this lousy regime, which has mismanaged everything so that Iran is economically worse off than it was under the Shah, has managed to distribute things better than that and it's less than 25% of the people living in poverty.

GDP per Capita (US$)
Country 1975 1980 1985 1990
Iran 1,611 1,129 1,208 1,056

SOURCE: United Nations. Human Development Report 2000; Trends in human development and per capita income.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:37PM..My friend was I talking to you?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you were, friend.
Now you are.
I trust that we'll all profit from the exchange of thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Bahram.....I appreciate your gratitude it was my duty anyway.
I think you got me mixed up with Anon 9:07 AM..who said Turkey operates the F15 they only operate F16 and Phantom.
The IIAF was the first foreign Air Force to evaluate F15 even before Israel they were looking for a replacement of the Phantom ,F15 was perfect choice therefore Iran had an interest in purchasing 50 or more F15 when available.
Yes your right Shah or Iran did save Grumman ass by by giving them a advanced lone to speed up the process of purchasing F14 Tomcat.
As regards the F18L which was the F17 which became the F18 was avidly shown interest by the Shah the plane was to be partly financed project and like F16 to eventually license produce it in Iran in 1980s.
It is true regarding 40000 US staff in Iran it was a mistake.But sometimes when your country want to obtain certain things which are extremely important matter life and death you play the game of poker against your opponent this being the US.Do not forget the Shah knew the West was putting obstacles in its path as regards Iranian economic progress.Classic example being the steel mill in Isfahan.Shah approach the West regarding construction of steel mill they told him that "he can buy all the steel he wants from the West"Germany being the culprit.So what did he do ? He went to the Soviet Union and they agreed to build the steel mill!
This reflects on other military and industrial programs Iran needed the technicians from the West to train and eventually be replaced by Iranians in the future.
On the issue of US foreign policy in our Persian Gulf again your partly right but insofar Iran building its armed forces as a protectorate of Western as well as Iranian interests which is the case.Never forget that the Russians and the Soviets invaded Iran many times the Soviets twice in WW1 and WW2 we lost a lot of territory to them before in the 18th 19th century Azarbayjan and Turkmenistan .
And with Iraq equipped by the Soviets and of course Afghanistan the rest is history.
So to sum it up Iran needed Western technology and technical assistance and training up Iranian technicians and purchase of their energy resources by the West for hard cash to further its aims for the future development without any HINDRANCE that is the key word.
The West needed Iran to buy its technology to keep the Soviets out of the Persian Gulf and be its guarantor of a stable energy supply.
I do not mind debates providing its not blatant propaganda then I will stop.

Anonymous said...

I think different debators here are being influenced by their "support" or "hatred" of their political opponents.
The truth is that The current regim has done a lot to develop the indigenous weapon industry in Iran because of the war and when they realised that they can not get reliable , modern weaponry from neither west or east during the war which was and is a very good thing for the defence of the country. What is forgotten is that the Shah's regim and his father laid the foundations of this by buying the initial necessary infra-structure from US / Europe and as our friend in his correct analysis mentions (The Esfahan steel factory) from the Soviet Union.
(I even remeber light Soviet made military personal carriers bought in the 70's).
We can debate and learn but there is no point in acusations and name callings on this website.

Anonymous said...

Anon 13 August 8:35 AM...Well done!
I like how you sum it up when you said influenced by their love hate relationship with different regimes.
The problem is that us Iranians have forgotten how to debate the true reality of the state of the country by using black and white propaganda.
Its really annoying when trying to debate about Iran without getting accused and branded by being this or the other supporter of a certain regime or person.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 2:46
I enjoyed your posts as well. Based on facts and not tinted by propaganda from either side.
Look forward to read more of your comments on this website.

Anonymous said...

Someone say that King buy valueless weapons and scrapped it as junk.So that why we replaced them with latest weapon like 1954 model t55 and 1968 model t72 the 1961 model mig 21 chinese copy and north Korean sub standard copies of chinese poor copies yeah we have latest systems this not junk no?