Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Khamenei Warns of Challenges During March Parliamentary Elections

Majlis Elections Amid Rising Tide of Protests and Uprisings in the Region

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei today warned the nation of the challenges facing the country during the upcoming parliamentary elections. Khamenei made the remarks during sermons he delivered at Eid Fitr prayer in Tehran, marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan which was observed on Wednesday in Iran.

“We have the upcoming Majlis (parliamentary) election in Esfand (March 2012). By its nature, an election creates a sort of challenge for the country,” Ayatollah Khamenei said. “But elections are manifestations of people’s participation in (political process) and our religious democracy and the backbone of our country’s stability,” he added [Fars News Agency, 31 August].

“We need to be vigilant that (the elections) do not turn into a challenge for the country’s security and stability,” Khamenei added.

“The people, the officials, the clerics and the political activists should be careful and vigilant against these challenges,” the ayatollah said. “There is a need to be vigilant against the attempts of our enemies to undermine the country's (security and stability).”

During the last nationwide elections in Iran, the 2009 presidential elections, the country witnessed the largest anti-government demonstrations in the history of the Islamic Republic, events that came to be known as the “Green Movement.” The upcoming parliamentary elections will be held amid a rising tide of popular protests, uprisings and regime changes in the region, potentially creating strong “challenges” for the government.

Photo: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivering Eid Fitr prayer sermons. Tehran, 31 August 2011. IRIB photo


Anonymous said...

Paranoid statements by a paranoid theocracy which has a bunker Islamism ideology.

This man keeps mentioning words like "Enemies" "Vigilant" "Security" "Challenges" what a paranoid regime!

These people are scared very scared they seem to sense their impending doom with Khamenei taking daily medication to calm his nerves therefor giving the illusion of calmness.

Lets read some comments by the regime apologists and explain their hair brained theory's regarding their beloved Islamist theocracy under the tutelage of the last valih-e-faqih or better known as Valih-Vagih.

The Realist.

Anonymous said...

Last time despite of knowing of an attempt "Ajax 2" (remember reading 6 months in advance that such a plan exists)
However nobody thought that the MKO would start killing people on the streets to cause insecurities and demonstrations.

Remember Neda and the grenade in Khomeinis mosuleum ?? all MKO.

This time they are more careful, all these Jondolla hardware already confiscated and the Pejak people and Iranians coming from abroad is always an indicator of terror.

blackmanAdam said...

FOR GOD'S SAKE respect this humble man God!!!.AL Imam Kamenei is a leader who deserve to be the khalifah of all Muslims THE WORLD OVER! if i had my own way , i would unite all Muslims under one flag and Guide and this is Kamenei !! and i have my

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:51 AM

Only terror is caused by this Islamist terrorist ideology which temporary occupies Iran.

There was no "MKO" in the streets to kill people you should be ashamed of yourself by using Neda's pure name for your propagated lies.

Neda the Angel was killed by one of your Islamist thugs that you so worship.

Remember this all these lies you and your loving Islamist regime are spinning will come back and crushingly haunt you and your masters.

Anonymous said...

SO what else is new? MKO and Jondollah, and Pejak trying to cause insecurity and problems. The way to deal with them is NOT to torture and kill young people in Kahrizak, NOT to fire people and jail them when they criticize, let them protest and vent, By the way it's their right and written in constitution which is the highest law of the land, NOT to attack university dorms at the middle of the night and beat the $%^&* out of them to death, Not to fire professors because of what they said, NOT to promote unqualified people because they kiss leaders behind, NOT to ...This is a dictatorship that uses threats and intimidation to stay in power, it will not work on long term, it is a proven method for failure.

Anonymous said...


I have my suspision that this blackman adam may be a trojan horse after all

What is interesting is that this guy has just popped up in this blog and has added a handicap to his name to arise sympathy and consideration.

His knowledge of Iran is scarse and he is using vocabulary that noone has heard of. As per his comment:

"FOR GOD'S SAKE respect this humble man God!!!.AL Imam Kamenei is a leader who deserve to be the khalifah of all Muslims THE WORLD OVER! if i had my own way , i would unite all Muslims under one flag and Guide and this is Kamenei !! and i have my"

I have never heard of anyone calling Khamenei "Imam". Even die hard supports of Khamenei would not call him Imam.

The pretenders have no memory and it appears that this blackman adam may not after all be black or adam. He is more likely a troll which is defined as "As someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.


Anonymous said...

Last anon.
You are absolutely right.
If ignored (Long enough) he will go away.
As to the Mullah Khamenei, only his statement about emphesising the history and achievments of post Islamic Iran compared to Pre Islamic history of Iran (A statement he made a few days ago) that shows the level of ignorance and arab mentality of these bas... that are raping this country.

Nader Uskowi said...

The question raised by this post is on the upcoming parliamentary elections, scheduled for next March. What type of factional politics should we expect in preparation of the elections? Would the Guardian Council allow all candidates close to Ahmadinejad to run in the elections? If yes, how would they do in the elections? Would the reformists boycott, or field candidates “silently” or field them actively? Would the Guardian Council allow any of them to run, silently or not? And most importantly, would the public participate in the elections with any significant turnout if Ahmadinejad’s supporters and the reformists were thrown out by the Guardian Council? Should we expect public protests during these elections? Hope we can discuss these and similar issues in our comments.

Anonymous said...

Mr Uskowi,

When was the last time you were in Iran. FYI, I was there two weeks ago. I do not see any interest in the new election and more importantly the potential candidate(s) have not identified themselves. So there is a vacuum there now.

BTW, I was much more optimistic about before going there first time six months ago.

One needs to appreciate that this nation will not have democracy for at least 30 years.

To have democracy you need to have the culture for it. Respect for others' thoughts, tolerance etc. None of these exist in Iranian culture as of now.

Anonymous said...

Mr Uskowi how can the Iranian people take this regimes shameless and rigged elections seriously when you have a Shylock as a head of state?

What is the point in discussing about elections in Iran after what the Islamist regime done in 2009?

Shall the Iranian people obey like good servile subjects and do their "Islamic duty" and go and cast a vote for one of Khamenei's chosen and vetted candidates so the regime can claim its legitimacy?

This Islamist regime treats the Iranian nation like cattle keep them in the barn and out of sight when they conduct their misdeeds and when needed bring the herd out feed water and fleece them!

Mr Uskowi how long can this pretence go on for until the Iranian people unite and finally realize that this Islamist theocracy can't be trusted and its valih-vaqih the Islamist Pharaoh must be trampled over by a tormented and liberated people.

The Realist.

Nader Uskowi said...

I have not been in the country for a few years now, and glad you have been there just recently and can gauge the public sentiment. What both you guys are saying is the people either are not, or should not be, willing to participate in the elections. Then do you believe we will witness a very low turnout in March? Ayatollah Khamenei has warned against possibility of what he termed security threats during the elections. I took that to mean mass protests. Do you believe that mass protests are distinct possibility? If not, and if participation in elections is out, then have we entered a period of de-politicization in the country, however short or long?

Anonymous said...

I take your point Mr Uskowi (BTW is the correct prounciation of your name Uskowi or Oskui from Osku in East Azerbaijan?)

The current thinking is that as the guys in Bank Melli told me ( a private conversation with managers), the so called new EKIP is not known and Mashayehi etc have no chance. The election is becoming irrelevant (as we term in West), because there is no change. The guys in 2009 were from within regime and they were not tolerated.

I think you have to walk back and see whether any election is going to make any difference? The answer is unfortunately not. Those within Iran care less about election. Typical of Iranians they curse the regime. However, people are too pre-occupied with make end meets that worrying about an irrelevant election.

In general from taxi drivers to well offs all are winging against the regime. THere is some sympathy for Ahmadinejad as he is not a cleric and certainly Mazhab as means of governing the country is loathed upon. In words of one man Mazhab is all about piety and Siasat is all about deception, so they do not go hand in hand.

One thing is very clear is that noone I med talked good about the leader. It is a universal acceptance that everything is done wrongly because the strong man is bent himself. So there we go.

I saw guys in the street walking around with ear rings! Something unknown in Islamic Iran. My 20 year old niece (dokhtar baradaram) explained to me that as long as one does not get into politics they would not care less. However, you will be shafted into get involved in politics.

Political kafaghan is name of the game. Most web sites are filtered including BBC etc (bar reuters and yahoo) and your site ( is filtered as well. So every one pays $2 a month to get a VPN anf by pass restrictions.

So how do you proceed for us to proceed with any election and the point in these elections.

Thing of it if they suppressed demo on lake Urmia/Rezayeh) how will they tolerate any fair election?

Anonymous said...

When someone appointed the national leader issues a statement that elections are a challenge to the nation's security and can bet the house that the system stinks and the elections are going to be anything but free and fair.

Iran's elections are always rigged. The regime disqualifies anybody it doesn't trust without the citizens getting a chance to vote for them.

Anonymous said...

@ All Anons who are trying to ostracize,Black Man Adam. be advised that this man has a right to express his opinion like every one else in this forum. Our wonderful and mature blog host, Mr. Uskowi posed an unbiased question.

"What type of factional politics should we expect in preparation of the elections? Would the Guardian Council allow all candidates close to Ahmadinejad to run in the elections? If yes, how would they do in the elections?"

It seems that no one could answer the question without ascribing disparaging comments to the Mullahs. This is sad. Like it or not the Iranian People have moved on from the days of the Shaw. I apologize and am very sorry for, the millions of Families that were hurt and virtually destroyed by the political fallout of the 1979
Revolution. But lets face it, Iran is in a unique position to be the new Manager of the Middle East, under the present regime. At least the Mullahs do allow the people to vote. The argument is that the Gaurdian Council tends to sabotage the democratic principles of the election process, but I beg to differ. I think it is in the best interest of the G.C. to hold fair elections, I think the Theocratic ferver of the G.C. is the moral component to alleviate election fraud from the Democratic process.

I'd like to believe that Dr. Ahmadinajad's colleauges have a chance if theyre in touch with the needs of the people. However there are so many unstable political elements in Iran that want to over throw the present regime. That is why Iran struggles to be a free society. In my opinion regime change is not the answer. I favor new democratic reforms,with a moderate form of theocratic principles, because the Iranian people are a people of faith.

And lets be rational,just think of the turmoil that a new anti faith secular regime would bring in? More hurt and more destruction.
And an unending cycle of generational fatricidal violence. there would be no peace, only animosity and hatred. A new regime, by its own nature, would be vindictive, arrogant, anti religious, hostile and dangerous to all who opposed it. I'm just trying to be honest.
I am not trying to hurt any ones' feelings in this forum. this is my opinion, you don't have to agree with me. I'm a big Boy, I welcome your criticism, but not your insults. it is my sincere belief
that reconcilment and forgiveness should be the motto of the Iranian
people not outside influence and regime change.

Mr. Uskowi, Thank you sir, for working so hard to provide us a blog to express our views.

my comments are not intended to hurt any one in this forum.

blackmanAdam said...


The last comment posted by ANON-7 is really moving and at the same time disappointing!!IN MY understanding the writer has given a clear picture of the attitude of the masses against the regime.WHAT EVERYONE CAN DEDUCE from the comment is that almost 80 percent of the population hates the regime, and all the people hate the LEADER.IT MEANS IRANIANS ARE TIRED OF THE ISLAMIC REVOLUTION AND, THEY ARE READY TO TAKE A BROAD STEP TOWARDS REALISING THEIR DEMOCRATIC GOALS. but HE HAS THROWN A SPANNER IN THE WORKS FOR US BY SAYING THAT THE MASSES HAVE A SOFT SPORT FOR AHMEDNEJAD B/SE HE IS NOT A CLERIC.OTHERWISE MESHAE HIS AIDE[presumed leader of the deviant current]}}} HAS NO CHANCE EITHER.

Views of two men in a busy bank cant represent the feelings of a whole Nation!-if you are serious and want to get the opinions of the masses then you have to sacrifice time and resources and conduct a countrywide opinion poll.From here you can come up with a credible story about the true feelings of your countrymen!.

sympathy for Ahmednejad-IS it not you who cried to the world that your votes were stolen? if the masses have a soft sport for him i mean sympathy cant this be enough for you to realise that He is their president they voted for en-mess and their love for him is their sympathy!truly speaking if He stole the votes then how can the masses love a thief ,one who stole their victory!!.AND HOW EASY WAS IT TO TALK WITH 'EVERYONE 'FROM TAXI DRIVERS ,TO THE seclude well offs!

people going about their daily activities!doesn't this satisfy you that people have no time for upheavals !and that the Iranian Nation is mature and wont afford to tear the country into pieces and throw the country 40 year behind in the name of democracy!.Be/SE you agree that people are occupied with their search for daily bread,this is called maturity and i will tell how!

Suppressing a demonstration on the drying lake URMIA AND filtering of websites- this is normal business the world over.from china to Mexico all governments won't COMPROMISE ON STATE SECURITY .so the enlightened Iranian masses can't curse the government for this alone!.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mr Uskowi

When the Ford motor company started to mass produce cars the owner Ford said "You can order any colour car providing it's black" !

So there lie the problem when Khamenei is the person who says these are the candidates and I prefer this man over that man in that instant the right has been taken away from the people.

It doesn't matter who "wins" in this regime the moderates or the conservatives they are all answerable to the boss at the top.
And they both reflect his political thoughts.

Anonymous said...


The pest who calls himself blackmanArab.

blackmanAdam said...

{my reply to Mr Morris -Tel Aviv}

All Nations need one another.All people are dependent upon one another and i think it wont be too much if i said no Nation the world over can pretend to ignore this natural phenomena.
The State of Israel, like any other Nation would naturally feel inclined to nature good relation and terms with all ever as you know politics play a major part in relations b/tween Nations.The State of Israel have found itself on the receiving end from neighbor Iran ever since the Islamic revolution .If we look closer into this conflict,it will send as deep into Holly books. Israel therefore believes Iran is the main threat to its very existence .-On the other hand Iran sees Israel as an occupier, a western country planted in the middle east so as to guard the interest of the western powers.
so then Mr Morris let as focus on this Nation that stands to the main threat to Israel.IN IRAN WE HAVE TWO CAMPS-THOSE SUPPORTING the ISLAMIC setup against those who feel democracy is the best system for the country. I know you do support the latter ,while my support goes to the former.
-however sir when we bring these two groups together on a table ,the democrats against the clerics you will discover that they are bond by a common denominator!and what is this?a deep love for their country!WHAT I MEAN HERE IS THAT ,THE CLERIC IN HIS OWN WAYS BELIEVES SINCERELY THAT ISLAMIC RULE IS THE BEST SYSTEM, for it brings people closer to their creator and moves the country forward without kneeling on foreigners.on the other hand ,those pushing for democracy feel that the clerical system is a wall to development, it makes the country isolated ,and therefore hinders development.NOW LET US LOCK THE IRANIAN CLERICS AND THE DEMOCRATS IN A ROOM! because both have good intentions for their country,i hope they will come out closer and respect one another !. See the US political set up,we have the Republicans against the democrats .these people don't see eye to eye.they differ, they separate ! but at the end of the day we don't see blood spilling in the streets DURING ELECTION .this is is Possible in Iran if civility will rule the hearts f Iranians.BUT I KNOW, THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO DON'T WISH THE COUNTRY ANY GOOD,THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT IRANIANS THEY ARE LIKE VULTURES OF MASAI MARA[Africas biggest game reserve]!these people wish a civil war in Iran and they will come down and tear the country and dictate its future!.---SO THEN MR MORRIS CAN YOU COME FORWARD IN THIS BLOG AND HELP USKOWI [THROUGH BALANCED COMMENTS] TO BRING THESE OPPOSING IRANIAN CAMPS ON A TABLE AND IF POSSIBLE LOCK THEM IN A ROOM SUCH THAT THEY COME OUT UNITED ,AND AGREE TO DISAGREE ON COMMON ISSUES EFFECTING THEIR COUNTRY!!.

Anonymous said...

Anon September 1 3:10 PM

"Iran being the new manager of the middle east"??

That theocracy couldn't manage a piss up in a brewery!

Anonymous said...

Black Man Arab.

What a load of nonsense.

First you do not know Iran, never been to Iran and do not know your geography.

You stated:

"The State of Israel have found itself on the receiving end from neighbor Iran ever since the Islamic revolution"

I suggest that you look at the map. Iran is nowhere near Israel. It has no common border with Israel and the only animosity is what this nonsense religion has created for its own sake. This is the same regime that had no problem shaking hand with your cousin Saddam who killed hundreds of thousands of Iranians but has problem with USA and Israel. The reason is very simple. That serves this regime’s ideology. Do you sincerely believe that an average Iranian likes Arabs and Palestinians? The answer is no Iranian really likes Arabs. Look Shia Islam was created in 16th century Iran by Saffavy dynasty to base Shia Islam on Iranian culture and identity (against mainly the Sunni Ottomans). When it comes to Iranians, Iranian culture and identity take priority over religion.

In your small backward mind you won't understand this but among all Iranian neighbours there is Christian Armenia that has consistently maintained good relations with Iran. The rest are waste of time and surprisingly all Muslims!

The fact of matter is that an average Iranian dislikes Arabs and I guess you are upset because you are an Arab or something similar. Devoid of any culture or root.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:07 PM

Thank you for an interesting read !
I thought that odd when black man Adam said that Israel neighbors Iran!
Since I live in Israel I can vet that it doesn't!
You know something it's really shame that our two countries are not friends we would each benefit a lot.
We have a lot of Jewish Iranian people living in Israel and they are the cleverest people and also the nicest.Our local supermarket is owned by a Jewish Iranian lady
she always talks about how Iran used to be such a nice place and now she is so sad to see what has happened.
One day I like to visit your country because I know Jewish Iranian history go back a long way more than 2500 years it's in our holy book Cyrus the Great the only non Jewish person who is regarded very highly by our people.
I like to visit his tomb and put flowers in front of it and pay my respect to him to thank him that he freed our people from slavery
and returned our country to us before the Romans took it away once again.


Anonymous said...

I belive by mars he is gane by a bunker buster.