Friday, August 5, 2011

Iran, construction galore!

by Amir Taheri

Unusual would be NOT to see a construction site somewhere near you when you are in Iran. It doesn't matter if its next to your house that a new apartment block is going up or at work where a new office is raising with its massive columns or some new mall popping up on your way to work. The skyline of most cities is covered with cranes, most road networks are littered with expansion projects, and projects compete with each other to be the "biggest". It is not uncommon for 2-3 similar projects nation-wide claiming to be the "biggest" of what they offer.

As Iran grows both economically and in population new structures to support their needs is a natural occurrence. Such has been the rapid population expansion that in the last 20 years or so, the culture (outside of Tehran) of home owning has shifted to apartment owning. Today, owning a house in town is almost seen as a luxury and prices reflect that reality. As such expansion has occurred, there has been an interesting effect, migration of "dahaties" or villagers into towns. With the land prices explosion that started a few years ago, a nouveau riche class has been created in Iran. These dahaties have sold their lands or homes and moved into nearby cities with their money but lacking of an understanding of the modern world as we know it or the education that at times accompanies such wealth. This money influx has also aided the further massive building of Iran's cities.

In Iran there is a mixture of public works that focus on roads, highways, metros, dams, and mass housing that crisscross with the private sector that dominates the construction industry (quotes of up to 95%) of homes and business buildings. As limited space within cities have been overcrowd with people and cars, there is a movement to the creation of suburbs. In a very short time, an entire suburb or "new city" goes up near a major metropolis. Each major city has one of these now Tehran, Tabriz, Shiraz, etc. Parand, near Tehran, for example one of these new towns, has a population approaching 100,000 people. Shiraz also has Sadra City. This suburb is the focal point of most of Shiraz's largest projects. It boasts a recently started and under construction medical city catering to foreign medical tourists. Iran's and the Middle East's largest water park. A bird park is being developed that, when I asked at a recent tourism convention of what is so special and large with this park that the answer quickly satisfied me. The friendly spokesman informed me that artificial environments will be developed for the birds that will simulate their migration over time. The birds that live within the environment will simply migrate to a new part of the park where other weather conditions will be simulated for them. In one months time, a jewel in the Shiraz suburbs construction plans will be inaugurated, the Persian Gulf Shopping Complex. This complex, said to be largest mall in the world for number of shops, 2,500, is being built with both foreign and local investors with a sum of over $840 million. Tehran is also getting two mega malls, one built by Malaysian investors with over $500 million and one by the daughter of Turkey's former President. This project also reported in the sums of hundreds of millions dollars, will be around 35 stories.

Another aspect of this massive construction wave started a few years back with an initiative by President Ahmadinejad is the Mehr housing project. This is an interesting endeavor as it aims to provide housing opportunity to all Iranians. It offers government lands to builders that build on a massive scale targeted for those not yet owning their own residents. The individual "owns" the property for a total of 99 years and afterwards it reverts back to government control. What makes the program so appealing is that the person entering this agreement gets an apartment for as low $16,000 and can even use a low interest government backed loan for this sum. The program is fast approaching its target of 1.5 million homes. This again is an offering across Iran and near every major Iranian city.

Each region of Iran also has its own reason to massively invest in its expansion. Shiraz serves as the number one local vacation spot with this ancient Persian sites and has its peak of visits during the Persian new years, which easily doubles or triples the population of this city. One after another, new hotel complexes are being launched here. Mashhad, the resting place of Imam Reza, one of the 12 Saints of Shiite Islam, draws more than 20 million pilgrims a year, a sum even more than Mecca! With this number of visitors a year, hotels, shopping malls, and eateries must exist to support them. Who would have thought that one of the best shopping experiences in Iran could be in such a holy city. Mashhad's airport is second only to Tehran's domestic airport, even busier than the Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran. Many international flights also land at Mashhad bringing pilgrims. A high-speed train is in the works from Tehran to Mashhad, reducing the burden on roads and airports. Tabriz serves an industrial base for many heavy industries, like tractor, bus, and manufacturing to name a few. The close proximity to Turkey also serves to further the trade relations and even further construction. Turkish investments have come in the form of petrochemical plants being built and recently a takeover, relaunch, and expansion of a fabric plant.

Government infrastructure projects are also abundant. Just in the last week, Iran's largest cement dam built domestically was inaugurated, this after Japan had pulled out of the project years ago under US pressure. Also last week, Iran's largest cable bridge was opened in Ahwas. I have mentioned before that almost every major city in Iran is set to getting a metro system. It is said that Iran boast the highest number of underground projects in the world, a mixture of metros, tunnels, and underground complexes built by the defense ministry. It was made easier with the localization of technology that digs underground. A monorail line is under construction in Qom and it will serve as a test bed for a future Tehran monorail system. Around $13 billion of new rail projects were signed with China a few months ago. Savings from the subsidy program, estimated around $60 billion are planned to be injected back into further infrastructure projects. I challenge you to try to look around or take a picture in Iran without at least 1-2 sites being in your view!

Editor’s Note: Amir Taheri is one of the authors of Uskowi on Iran. His weekly columns appear here on Fridays.


Anonymous said...

Thank You Mr Amir,

This has been a pleasure to read. I agree with your conclusions here and wish you patience and strength to cope with the cyber terror that awaits you from some unusually impolite (pretending to be more than one) anti-Iranian couch warrior.

Dariush A.

Anonymous said...

Mr Amir,

Your article is very interesting, I am impressed by the development of Iran! It would be lovely if you could provide more information on the development of the Shiraz shopping Center. Thanks from Helsinki!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:19 AM.. Mr hypocrite why are you living in London and enjoying the fruits of freedom of the satanic western world while our people are suffering the yoke of anti-Iranian Islamic fascist terrorism in paradise Iran? May god grant the nation patience and strength to cope with a terrorist regime and their minions anti-Iranian couch warriors abroad.

Persicus Maximus said...

Nice and informative Read.

Thank you

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

anon 6:19 AM,
"Mr hypocrite why are you living in London and enjoying the fruits of freedom of the satanic western world while our people are suffering the yoke of anti-Iranian Islamic fascist terrorism in paradise Iran?"...????

There are also foreigners living in Iran too so what's your point? This may come as a surprise and a disappointment to you but not all Iranians living abroad hate their country.

Why can't you see the article for what it is? If you have another view of what's written you can simply write one so we can all see what you've got. The latest IMF report shows Iran's economy's doing pretty well despite all the roadblocks thrown in their way.Go figure..Bad news,right?

Thank you Amir for sharing.I can understand why people will take you on. Your weekly writing is too much for them to bare and doesn't fit with the narrative they've been propagating around the world.

Keep up the good work and Godbless..

Anonymous said...

This guy thinks everyone else is as stupid as his followers. Keep up sending the bullshit propaganda!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Uskowi & co.

Allowing purley insultive remarks to appear seems to divert the actuall sense of leaving a comment of discussing an article.

May be the verbally abusive person would like to stay silent when he disagrees like all of us and only write and talk when he has something to say. (Actually something his parents should have brought him by).

However, I liked the article and in accommodates my information and knowledge of Irans boom. We visit twice a year and have very active business cooperations.


Amin said...

enjoy your writing like always Mr. Taheri.

Anonymous said...

I bet most of these comments was written by ONE person in the IRGC keyboard warriors division.

Anonymous said...

===" It is said that Iran boast the highest number of underground projects in the world, a mixture of metros, tunnels, and underground complexes built by the defense ministry."===

Yes, built by the defense ministry.

That's the way things are going ... underground.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:54..If you want to read bullshit propaganda stop taking stuff to have a clear mind and then read the above article for the second time your brain if you have one might just come to the conclusion that you could have been stupid after all to believe this drivel.

Anonymous said...

Much explained in few words.

Thank you Mr Taheri.

Mirror said...

Hi Nader

Just a comment on the site, Would you please archive the old posts, I have issues to load the page even with my 20MBs connection and my i7 computer. the page is to slow and takes time to load and I have tried with other computers and browsers as well same result. Please if you have time fix it.

Anonymous said...

WOW...Mr Taheri I am impressed you and your sycophantic admirers have convinced me Iran has a booming housing sector and a sound economy coupled with a strong currency and a highly skilled governmental bureaucracy backed by a fair and just legislator and policed by benevolent merciful security force all lead by a pious and patriotic leadership truly stupendous. Now I am going to read Alice in Wonderland for my three year old daughter.

Amir Taheri said...

Thanks all for your comments!

As always, I invite anyone that has found a fallacy in what I wrote to point it out. Please do remember that what I see with my own eyes in Iran and what you hear from news abroad are two very different things. I also invite those who doubt things to take a trip down here and judge for yourselves. Our house here is on the market and since March (new years) the price has increased between 12-15%. In reality with all that is being built I am surprised that prices have held up over the years and even increased to such a level.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Amir Taheri may I suggest SPECSAVERS they are selling two glasses for the price of one time to renew. All the best.

Amir Taheri said...

ha ha, I got that, you're referencing my sight.... great one!! Well a bit serious now, you must put some faith in my eye sight since you are still reading my articles after 5 weeks of writing.

Anonymous said...

Amir-jan, reading this article reminds me of that old Beatles song "Back in the USSR."

And I mean that in a good way!

Anonymous said...

In emerging economies that lack adequate infrastructure to channel savings into productive investments, real estate absorbs the bulk of savings. Given the population growth in Iran, some of this investment is needed (e.g., Mehr complex). However, a large portion of real estate investments in Iran is speculative and it reflects poorly on the economy. I suggest that you look at the recent release by the Iran central bank about nonperforming loans on the books of private and public banks. The figures show a significant increase in these loans. A healthy real estate market should not be accompanied by an increase in nonperforming loans.

As I suggested in my previous comments, you seem to pay too much attention to the "cosmetic" matters and refuse to dig deeper. I am not saying this because you have decided to be incredibly positive about what is happening in Iran. It makes for a better read to consider the implications of your observations.


Anonymous said...

Amir, pass me the crack pipe! I want some of whatever it is that you are smoking!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:19 AM....The foreigners in Iran are the Iraqi Lebanese and Palestinian rejects under the guise of being Iranians which are occupying our country.Its known that fifteen thousand unwanted Palestinian male orphans where taken back to Iran to be reared into subhuman minions of the anti-Iranian terrorist regime.Likewise the leadership consists of an extensive number of anti-Iranian wanted Arab criminals terrorists and mercenaries by the Iranian nation.Make no mistake about it these reptilian lizard eating Arab half breeds will be brought to justice in the newly resurrected Iran.There is no escaping the coming apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

Everyone else who lives in Iran or visits Iran is blind and can not see all of these "amazing" projects and wonderful progress in every single field. Only Amir Taheri can see this and describe it for us mortals.
The Economy is booming, there is no inflation, no unemployment, what sanctions? The most powerful military in the world. The best IRGC oil minister in the world. The highest industrial output. The best cars are built in Iran. (To hell with the Germans.) No women are getting raped while minding their own business with their families in their "OWN" homes by basiji thugs. The country is perfect under the rules of Akhunds. Can't you see?

Anonymous said...

I see that some of you are now citing IMF's positive report about Iran's economy. last week many of you were calling them the cronies of the Zionists and in the pocket of AIPAC !! Make up your mind !

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:54 AM from Anon 10:43 AM..Sorry I read in a rush and rashly assumed you were referring to me once again I apologies.Will support a fellow patriot.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:08 PM...Funny you should write this I was thinking about the same thing!! Well said totally agree with you.They are just lying hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:59 PM..From Anon 7:25 PM..Friend you are a patriot!!

Anonymous said...

What's interesting about the anger stimulated by Mr. Taheri, is that all he did to stimulate such anger is to describe some happiness or success in Iran.

That's it. That's the sin which heaps upon him a rabid and lunatic flurry of insults from a few commenters (who are probably affiliated with political groups).

Amir Taheri said...

Thanks last anon!

You know the thing is that I am comforted in the fact that insults are thrown my way after I had said that please point out something false that I have written and nothing came as expected.

Insults are easy to understand when one cannot argue a point. I know that they cannot doubt the truth that most cities are getting metros, or that the mega mall is opening soon in Shiraz.

p.s. I hope to do a special on its launch with pictures and possibly an interview.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:25 PM, you must be one sad person. Your racism against Arabs is showing. In case you didn't know or haven't lived in Iran at all (which I presume), Iran has a minority Arab population too who fought against Saddam while your daddy run off to LA or Europe.

Judging by your racism and insult infested response, you don't seem like an intelligent person. The subject, in case you've forgotten is "construction galore!". If you have nothing else to say apart from insults and racist rants please don't bother commenting because you only display your ignorance and shallow intellect.

I would believe Amir more than you because he actually lives in Iran and judging by your writing, you don't.

And Oh, don't worry yourself too much. Iran's already been restructured 30+ years ago and there's no going back..

Happy self exiling!!! :)

Ps: Mr. Nader, could you please make it so that people will comment with their usernames other than staying anons?

Anonymous said...

Mr Taheri,
You want objective critiscism of what you are writing, here you go:
Where do you get the $60 billion figure? Government figures? Can hardly trust a government which is not publishing any inflation and other economic growth figures. Why don't you do a piece about the Construction sites that have been abandoned because of the lack of founding. I can give you 2 examples. The one in th highway between Tehran and Karaj. The other one Borje Morvarid in west part of Tehran which was supposed to be finished 3 yaers ago. The people responsible have taken the money and one of them is in jail. Why don't you write about experts of the Iranian heitage foundation who are worried about the "oh so proud" metro project in Esfahan that is threatening to ruin the 33 pol and other historical buildings. Building in a frenzy (In a city prone to earth quakes) without paying attention to its consequences is not progress.

Anonymous said...

Anon. aug. 6 4.56 am
So now you are suddenly against rasism towrds arabs? Very interseting. I have seen this comment about running off to LA so many times that I recognise your post. You are the same guy calling the Saudis and other arab neighbours of Iran names and now you are all of a sudden prasing the patriotic acts of tnic arabs of Iran? And why don't you choose a User name yourself to post your rubbish? By the way I did 12 months of my military Service in front line during the war. Where you born back then or you have just read about it?

Anonymous said...

Amir Taheri,
It seems you do not understand the basics of Economics. You seem to be happy that youir house that is on the market has increased in "value" 10-15% within a few months and you seem to take this as the Iranian Economy being healthy, and booming. I think you should try to study the concept of inflation and price hikes like this. This is the most objective critiscism I can come up with about your articles. If you don't understand why there is a 10-15% increase in a value of a house in a few months, in country, then you are certainly do not have the knowledge to judge that country's Economic progress for one thing.
Good luck with your future articles.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:25 PM...I have nothing against the original Arabs in Khuzestan what I do not like are the imported foreign Arab mercenaries and terrorists from Lebanon which are used for the torture and suppression of the masses by your ignorant anti-Iranian terrorist government.As for my "Daddy running away to LA " he as well as I served in the Armed Forces during the war risking our life for ignorant morons and traitors like you so that they can write their garbage on the internet and live in the west like spoiled little hypocrites.Also you presumed wrongly that I am a exile which is a typical response one receives from people like you regarding Iranians against their occupiers the Apoplectic Republic.In fact I have a house in Tehran and experience the daily life there by my people in their toil and torment by your benevolent fascist medieval theocratic state so you lost on that point.As for you blasting my intelligence again that is another typical response by a moronic minion of the regime.Regarding Mr Amir Taheri I know he lives in Iran and owns a house there but that is precisely the reason for his pretentious claims so use your intelligence which I doubt you have any.But your right on one thing Iran has been restructured 32 years ago what you intentionally failed to mention is what it restructured into which is a Fascist Medieval Theocracy of which you are one of its tools.Also Mr Anon stop whinging to Mr Nader like a typical little hypocrite for commentators to use usernames. Even the Syrians hate the likes of you and they are supposed to be your close allies so sit tight for the coming Apocalypse for the Annihilation of this Dastardly anti-Iranian barbaric regime.

Anonymous said...

Here you go Amir
Have a look and see how much progress the Mullahs are making.

By the way Mehr News agency is not run by the Zionists and it doesn't belong to AIPAC !

Anonymous said...

PeykIran is an underground MKO paper claiming to be a simple Lefti.
Based in France/Paris and with Bank accounts in Berlin.
Now its obvious where and who you are.

Amir Taheri said...

I can't imagine that by listing 2 projects in all of Iran that have been suspended or delayed you are implying that all of Iran's construction industry is in shambles. If that were the barometer than every county is in downfall.

For those interested in Iran's real estate market, there was a sudden surge a few years ago until about 3 years ago. For the last 3 years the market has been stagnant and recently as people have been heavily buying again the prices have gone up. That is why our family home here has increased around the 15% I mentioned. It was bound to happen as I mentioned prices have been steady for around 3 years now.

Anonymous said...

Mr Taheri,
Is the steep decline in the Iranian currency and the price hike in Gold (over the average international price hike) in Iran is also a sign that people now suddenly interested in buying this commodity? The inflation is a sign of a weak Economy, affected by international sanctions. Please enlighten us about the 20% rise for rentals in Tehran's housing market or is even that a sign of Economic progress and recovery?
Please tell us about the cheap imports from China and the farmers and small factories having to shut down because they can not compete with the cheap imports flooding the country by the people close to the establishment. These are the facts that even the members of Majles are criticising the government for. What do you have to say about the 400 year old historical buildings in Esfahan that are being ruined because of the metro development that has not been conducted according to the proper standards? It is easy to blame people who are pointing out the missmanagament of the country Iran bashers and Iran haters.

Anonymous said...

The pictures were taken by Mehr News agency. Do you believe that Mehr News agency is an MKO affiliate?
For your info. I belive the MKO is a terrorist, cult and traitors of the Iranian nation.
Anyone who publishes anything remotely critical of Iran is either an MKO , Monarchist or Zionist in your crazy, fantasy world. That is why you people are so dangerous. you don't have a brain to use and think for yourselves.

Amir Taheri said...

Iran's currency as other currencies has its ups and downs, after it came down, it went back up and has settled. Again if we look at Iran as a separate case than that would be only reason that currencies go up and down worldwide without self-destruction. Just take a look at most stock exchanges where foreign currencies trade daily, if they stayed the same than there would be no need to trade it.

Inflation was expected to increase after the removal of subsides, that the whole definition of REMOVING SUBSIDIES, prices have to go up. Even the IMF mentioned that inflation was held under control, after what was expected to be a rapid increase of prices.

Regarding cheap imports from China, its funny I keep repeating myself. Well im sure you seem to be implying that Iran is the ONLY country that is afflicted with cheap imports. As I understand it, you are saying that in your home countries, USA, Europe, and others, cheap Chinese products are no where to be seen. You must be producing all your own needs.

In the future, I will try not reference other topics than my articles. I would suggest you save your time for comments including insults or off topic economic issues.

Anonymous said...

Mr Taheri,
I think everyone can see that I have not been insulting you. Also it is quite clear that you avoid answering the questions about the rosy state of economic affairs and progress and development in Iran by suggesting that all currencies go up and down etc. I suggest you use the late Ayatollah Dastgheyb's speach in the Friday's sermon in Shiraz (I listened to it myself) during the first years of the revolution stating: "There is nothing wrong with the Islamic republic's Economy. Our 1 Toman has always been 1 toman, it is the US Dollars that one day is 7 tomans (During the previous regim) and one day 50 tomans". To which the intelligent public listening to his sermons were chanting Allho Akbar !! Perhaps you are using almost the same kind of logic in explaining the Economic realities in Iran. However I do respect your democratic right to write the most exaggerating articles about whatever you wish. But please accept to face questions about Economics in General when you qoute figures about the Economic boom and progress in a manner that not even the ardent supporters of the government in Iran do.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:42 AM..."stay silent when he disagrees"..Its called DEMOCRACY something that the THEOCRATIC DICTATORSHIP that you do your business in SADLY LACKS. My parents brought me up very well and I served my country in the war so that hypocrites like you can do business with this VINDICTIVE and VIOLENT REGIME.The only thing that will BOOM will be the destruction of this FASCIST THEOCRACY.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens to anyone who writes anything positive about Iran, they get attacked by a cadre of likely paid AIPAC, MKO, Shahist and other agents until they stop. The vitriol of these attacks is quite disturbing and you can imagine foam coming from the mouths of people as they insult and curse poor Mr. Taheri for writing his article.

Anonymous said...

---"This is what happens to anyone who writes anything positive about Iran."---

perhaps it's more the lack of balanced truth that causes all the scorn being heaped upon the author.

this git writes

"Iran's currency as other currencies has its ups and downs, after it came down, it went back up and has settled."

"Inflation was expected to increase after the removal of subsides, that the whole definition of REMOVING SUBSIDIES, prices have to go up. "

without ever mentioning that inflation in Iran has been running high for years before the removal of the subsidies

or that Iran's currency was revalued radically rather than just having normal "ups and downs".

This guy sees things about as well as Mr Magoo

Anonymous said...

Thank you Amir for a lovely article. I see your articles have some therapeutic values.

For the "we want to get rid of the Mullah" crowed, nothing short of "Iran's going to fall soon" articles will satisfy them. Heck, they even create articles out of thin air to further their cause.

This forum, at least, provides an avenue for them to release their frustration and anger. What else can they do apart from whine?That's the template they've been selling all over the world and some have even made a career out of it.For Washington & Europe, any Iranian who proclaims "Iran's going to fall soon" will be entitled to some "benefits"(free visas and all that comes with it),be part of some fancy social group..Y'know, all the feel good stuff..

They will still refuse to see progress even if they actually lived in it. As a always, the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

I find it somehow a bit weird that Mr. Nader hasn't posted the recent report from the IMF on Iran's economy.Unless of course, the IMF is also paid mouthpieece of the Iranian government. Or the recent increase in Chinese import of Iranian crude despite "payment" issues.Who know?

Don't stop and keep reporting based on facts. It's always a joy to read and looking forward to your next Friday issue. Good luck...

Anonymous said...

the negative stuff is written by a singular person.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6:19
"there is no escaping the coming apocolyps".
Dude what the hell's your problem?
you are a sick and dimented individual! you claim that you and your father fought in the war against Iraq, which I doubt, seriously because no one who has sheded their blood and guts for their Country would have such a sociopathic state of mind like you! Get some Help before you commit suicide!

Oh and keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:40 AM.."the negative stuff is written by a singular person"....Then by your hair brain logic all the positive stuff is written by an singular person!

Anonymous said...

perhaps we're all singular people.

Anonymous said...

last anon,
You can judge ones terminology and system of writing and see the one comes from a terrible houshold.

No matter how hard one tries to differ, the stable one comes from shows itself.

In this particular case, you can easily see a very distressed, unhealthy, full of hate and insecurities trying to hide his personal failures and blame it on Irans system and hoping to find recognition by somebody.

This must have come from his parents home, where probably a military father having ran off and lied his way into refugee status. Now trying to justify with fantastic stories of injustice why he has left his fatherland.

Our ill minded singular person is thus a result of such a stable.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:28 AM.."THERE IS NO ESCAPING THE COMING APOCALYPSE"...I can see this sentence has caused you some affliction which has made you to write excessive gibberish.Take some strong tranquillizers might calm you down or stop taking crack.Do not worry the regime is the one that is committing suicide!

Anonymous said...

You are so pathetic. In absence of argument about real Economic facts and clear missmanagament of the Country, you have resorted to name calling and accusation about how people you disagree with hate Iran.

Bahram said...

Theis people have been foaming at the mouth like rabbid beasts about how the Islamic Republic of Iran is on the verge of collapse for the past 32 years! Yet she keeps on trucking in spite of 8 years of war,32 years of ever tightening international sanctions, failed colour coded revolution assassinations and sabotage. the Islamic revolution has withstood the test of time and has proven its self to be resilient in the face of everything that has been thrown at it. Yet any small mention of its achievements is enoff to send thies people on a frenzied rant about how its all a lie and that the system is on the verge of imminent collapse.

Anonymous said...

The Communists lasted ca 75 years.
Give the Mullahs another 10-15 years, they will dig their graves by this kind of repression and missmanagment. History always repeats itself. No dictatorship lasts. You people are just too ignorant to study it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7 August 1:41 PM..This shows the sign of your low intelligence and up bringing when you hurl personal insults towards my deceased parents.This typifies the kind of illiterate caricatures that are occupying and raping our nation which will become extinct very soon.What ever kind of stable I came from its a damn site cleaner and better than the pig sty that you originate from and still reside in spewing excrement out of your top orifice instead of your anus...So the singular biped which represents the type of vermin that occupy our country with a inferiority complex who babbles nonsense and lives in the West like a true hypocrite is the result of a nation which allowed the pig sty to roam freely.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:28, i agree, the anti-Iran guy isn't offensive because he is against Iran - that's fine. He is offensive because he is very disturbed and it's creepy to read his lunatic rants.

Anonymous said...

Hi every body,

loool did everyone read and notice the last anon and his texting??

Case closed !

anon 1:41PM

bahram said...

I've got a long life ahead of me God willing, 10 to 15 years is no problem for me. I predict you will still be foaming at the mouth 15 years from now as well.

Anonymous said...

"result of a nation which allowed the pig sty to roam freely".I love it spot on!Iran has become a sty run by hogs with their piglets living abroad.Anon 1:41 AM People like you deserve every bit it! What a bunch of losers!!!

Nader Uskowi said...

To the last dozen anonymous commentators,

The subject of this post is Iran’s construction galore and its economic implications for the country. We have always solicited and welcomed our readers’ comments on the subjects under discussion. We do realize that there are different points of view on the important points raised in this and other posts, and we do believe a frank exchange of ideas on the subject is as important as the posts themselves. A vibrant comments section is key to the success of this blog. However, some of your comments are not at all relevant to this post and the language used is not conducive to the free exchange of ideas. Personal attacks on other commentators and questioning their integrity is outside the norms of civilized discussions and are not acceptable. Please limit your comments to topics relevant to the subject of the posts and please avoid personal attacks and the use of foul language.

Let me thank all our readers for their continued support and readership of this blog. Let me particularly thank our commentators who have enriched the content of this blog for such a long time. We are very sorry to see that few anonymous commentators are misusing our comments section and are launching personal attacks and using unprofessional language in lieu of offering their opinions on important topics under discussion. We cannot and will not publish these types of comments in future.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Amir for your Excellent informative article.