Monday, August 22, 2011

Libyan Revolution Triumphed

Revolutionaries Sweep Tripoli

Opposition’s Transitional National Council (TNC) Takes Over

U.S. and 30 Other Nations Recognize TNC as New Libyan Government

Gadhafi Whereabouts Unknown

Victory Celebrations in Benghazi. 22 August 2011. Nicole Tung/NYT


Anonymous said...

Gadhafi was one of the main financiers of the so called Iranian revolution to put Khomeini in power so that he could destroy Iran in the name of Islam.
The amount was about $150 million there is a lot of secrets to be exposed in the near future.
But its comforting to know that Gadhafi got his just desserts and so will Khamenei.
Bring on the apologists.

Gifted one said...

yeah, "mission accomplished".

Anonymous said...

waiting for the mission accomplished

idit said...

Coming soon to Iran.
God willing.

Anonymous said...

"Gadhafi was one of the main financiers of the so called Iranian revolution to put Khomeini in power so that he could destroy Iran in the name of Islam."

What are you talking about? Khomeini was based in PARIS, FRANCE.

Anonymous said...

Anon August 22 7:o5 PM

Keep your shirt on!
Mr R.Khomeini stayed in Iraq then was forced out of the country because the Shah asked Saddam to do so before then Saddam asked the Shah if he could kill Khomeini the Shah rejected this therefor he ended up in France thanks to Ibrahim Yazdi.

Ibrahim Yazdi and M. Ringo went to Tripoli to see Gadhafi his buddy Gadhafi agreed to give a large sum of cash $150 million
for the success of the so called revolution against the Shah for the destruction of Iran.
So Gadhafi the terrorist supported and financed the formation of a new fellow terrorist regime in the region.
M.Ringo went missing later killed by Libyan agents with some of the loot stolen from Iran remaining in Libya.

Live and Learn.

Anonymous said...

Anonym 8:24 -- Please be careful in your unsubstantiated analysis of events. Gadhafi could never be a friend of Iran or even Khomeini. Hopefully when they meet in Hell, they will bond a friendship !

Anonymous said...

Allow me to make something clear. If it doesn't help/hurt Iran in some way, then it's not new for me. I could care less about the feelings of some tazis in whatever tazi garbage country they reside in.

Persian Pride World Wide

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:07 AM

Good one but Gadhafi hated the Shah "so your enemy is my enemy" he portrayed himself as Arab nationalist against non Arab Iran.
Ghadhafi Assad and Nasser with PLO hated Shah,Khomeini couldn't care less about Iran only Islam therefore Gadhafi use to finance terrorist groups.

Anonymous said...

One less terrorist regime! Two more remaining staring Khamenei as the Organ grinder and his little monkey Antar and also staring Assad the Acid thrower.
Coming soon to your neighbourhood!

Anonymous said...

May we soon see Saudi Arabia disintegrate into 3 new states all pro Iran like they should be.
Lybia shall soon follow suit and join Egypt in their friendship with Iran.

Anonymous said...

In your dreams!

Anonymous said...

Happy for their success, I hope they will reach the same greatness as Iranians.

Will be hard but they might have to go through a civil war whilst their OIL is being plundered for a few years.

Nahid / Hamburg

Anonymous said...

Dear "Nahid / Hamburg"

Iranians will only achieve greatness after the downfall of theocracy and establishment of true democracy.