Monday, August 15, 2011

Russian Security Council Chief in Tehran

A senior Russian delegation headed by Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev arrived in Tehran today and is holding talks with senior Iranian officials on ways to resolve issues surrounding Iran’s nuclear program.

Russia has proposed a “step-by-step” approach for the UN and the West to make limited concessions by easing economic sanctions for each step Iran takes toward meeting demands to curb any nuclear weapon-related projects.

Photo: Russia's Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev (front right) meeting his Iranian counterpart Saeed Jalili. Tehran. 15 August. IRNA/Reuters


Anonymous said...

Russia is wasting its time these people think they can hide under a nuclear shield like the Soviet Union did with their 15000 nuclear warheads while the economy lay in ruins what chance have they got with 1 or 5 hypothetical nuclear warheads.

The Realist :)

Anonymous said...

Russia may be wasting its time, but it's worth the attempt.

Iran is terribly isolated and headed down a path that leads only to conflict and/or capitulation.

If the Iranian regime isn't lying and has no wish to assemble nuclear weapons then there should be some room for an agreement that avoids a fight.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Russia should align itself with Israel. That worked really well for the US.

Anonymous said...

The Iranian regim seems to consider to acquire the "Know how" to develop the atomic bomb and be able to build it in a short time if it has to.
They are never going to use it as they would know that would mean a catastrophe for Iran and the region. However it will completely change the geostrategic balance in the region in favour of the Mullahs as it will give them a huge amount of leverage in the ME. Imagine how much more freely they can support Hamas and Hezbollah both militarily and economically with the assurance of a deterrence such a even a couple of atomic bombs. That is why Israel and the US are so worried about the Iranian bomb.
The US will be pushed by the Israeli lobby to attack Iran if they really believe that the Islamic regim is close to develop the nuclear bomb even if the price that they have to pay will be enormous both in economic and military terms. They will think that the other option, living with an Iran with the bomb will be much worse. I hope for the sake of the country and its people that sanity on both sides prevail.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:22 AM
It already is !

Anonymous said...

---" The US will be pushed by the Israeli lobby to attack Iran if they really believe that the Islamic regim is close to develop the nuclear bomb ..."---

the US (and some other states) will be pushed to attack Iran far more by the Saudis and the other Gulf states than by Israel.
Matter of fact, the Israelis might get pressure from the Saudis to attack Iran.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch or warmongers on this site!!! You guys play too much video games...Get a grip.

The US ain't gonna attack anyone.They're broke, get it? BROKE!!! Don't you guys even read news? Their defence budget is on the chopping board now and China isn't giving them a dime for some foolish adventures in the Mideast anymore.

Their last two wars hasn't done them any good either.

I suggest you guys crawl back under whichever rock you came from..

Anonymous said...

very silly. the US is far from broke andd oesn't need a another dime has more than enough war toys already in the toy chest to attack anyone it feels the need to attack.

BTW, the US defense budget is about $900 BILLION/year and the cuts to the budget are about $35BILLION/year. which is about a great big old 4%.

I agree that the US isn't likely to attack Iran, and should not attack iran, but should the US decide to do so, the Iranian forces wouldn't present much more of an obstacle than Saddam's forces did.

Iranian bluster isn't all that effective of a weapon once the guns start to speak.

Instead of war, though, let's look to peaceful co-existence.

Anonymous said...

How could we have peaceful co-existence with this regime always sticking their fingers up Americas ass all the time ?

Anonymous said...

not that big a problem as they're only tickling the US and they'll get real peaceful after a couple of fingers get broken off.

if the Iranian regime loses their ally in Syria, and that's a real possibility, peaceful coexistence while they work out a plan B will seem much more attractive.

Anonymous said...

Calling Irans system a regime is enough to stop reading the rest

Anonymous said...

If calling Iran's theocracy a regime was enough to stop it, I would feel very gratified.
Unfortunately, there's more to be done.