Saturday, August 27, 2011

Iran's Non-Oil Exports Rising

Iran’s Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade Mehdi Ghazanfari said on Friday that the country’s export of non-oil products has reached nearly $25 billion annually. The ministry’s statistics show an average of 17% annual growth in non-oil exports in the past six years (Ahmadinejad’s administration). The volume of non-oil exports has hit $30 billion a year.

China, Iraq, the UAE, and India are the top four destinations for Iranian exports; while UAE, Germany, China, Turkey, South Korea, and Switzerland are the biggest importers to Iran.

File Photo: Press TV


Anonymous said...

and other than petrochemical products and agricultural products, no one seems to know what it is than iran is exporting more of.

Anonymous said...

Kind of dents the argument of "cheap Chinese imports" huh.

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt their figures.
Besides oil and dates what else is there?
I doubt people abroad are queuing up to buy Iranian made cars or fridges.

So I presume the non-oil exports could be dates,dried fruits,carpets the usual stuff.
As for cheap Chinese imports it's still flooding in with no dents.

Anonymous said...

"I highly doubt their figures."

You can doubt all you want. it still doesn't change the facts...

Anonymous said...

"You can doubt all you like,it still doesn't change the facts..."

The facts were twisted and changed.