Sunday, August 21, 2011

Russia in Negotiations to Build Second Nuclear Reactor in Iran

Russia has put forward “proposals” to build new nuclear power plants in Iran after the completion of the Bushehr project. Director of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Fereydoon Abbasi Davani today made the announcement in Tehran.

“We have held negotiations with the Russians regarding the construction of new nuclear power plants. They have put forward some proposals,” Abbasi Davani said. “The exchange of ideas and proposals will continue until a clear result is reached,” he added [Resalat, 21 August].

Russia has built Iran’s only nuclear power plant in Bushehr against the backdrop of years of delays, making the new announcement by Iran all the more surprising. The facility is expected to be finally linked to the national grid soon. The Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi was in Moscow earlier this week, but it was not immediately clear if he was involved in the negotiations with the Russian officials on building new reactors in Iran.

In 2007 Iran sought international bids to build a second nulear power plant in Darkhoin in southwest province of Kuzestan, near the Iraqi border. But there has been no development on the project since then.


Anonymous said...

I do not know why Iranian does this. I guess to sort of fool Russians to Finish Bushehr! After so many years of late running Bushehr, it is best to let Russians put their money where their mouth is and finish Bushehr rather than starting another one.

The sad irony is the wrong policies of this Government of Iran that has isolated the country so badly that their best frien happens to be Russians and Chinese. There is really noone else to turn to. They can only blame themselves and of course the people of Iran who have to put up with this regime!

Anonymous said...

Let them complete the Bushehr Nuclear plant first which is 31 years over due then start talking about their "proposals" regarding the second plant.

Anonymous said...

good for the Russians to make the attempt at reassuring the Iranian people that there are benfits to proving to the IAEA and the larger world that their nuclear ambitions do not include weapons will bring tangible benefit.

Steve said...

Fereydoon Abbasi Davani must be masochist. Construction time of NPP Bushehr (1975-1979 & 1996-2012 = 20 years in total) is the longest ever in history of nuclear sciences all over the world.
It's more than twice the average time usually needed to construct a nuclear power plant.
This is really completely abnormal and I ask myself on what the hell those Russians have been spending their time while they were at it. Have they been sleeping, drinking Vodka, playing cards ?
Over this ridiculous 'eternal construction site' at Bushehr, Russia is gradually losing her face before the international nuclear science community.
Turks were right to cancel their contract with Atomstroyexport to build a nuclear power plant in Turkey.
Nobody trusts a company which cannot finish a power plant even after several years of delay.

Anonymous said...

---"Over this ridiculous 'eternal construction site' at Bushehr, Russia is gradually losing her face before the international nuclear science community."---

not at all. the delays aren't because the Russians CAN'T do the work.

it's a case of DON'T WANNA.

and the great majority of the world isn't at all thinking badly of them for the delay.

Anonymous said...

The Russians are asking the Mullah's to bend over AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:09 AM

And the Mullahs are specialists in
that field!