Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Iran's famine relief effort for Somalia

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An IranAir Cargo Boeing 747-21AC/SCD (EP-ICD) takes on part of a 50 ton shipment bound for Somalia, at Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran. The shipment is being donated by the Iranian Red Crescent Society as part of Iran's plan to donate USD $25 million to the famine-stricken people of Somalia.

Photo: Naser Azimi at Fars News Agency


Anonymous said...

All they have to do is go to parts of south Tehran and donate the food there be much cheaper and better.Wasting all that fuel and badly needed spare parts.They must have resprayed that plane for their propaganda shoot!

Anonymous said...

Our people are starving and Anustolla is giving away our food to foreigners in Africa they are more important than Iranian people shameful really shameful.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you who complain about famine aid for Somalia. Sending help in time of need is good in itself and also wise policy.

In 5 or 10 years, Somalians will remember the good deed, and can help to rebuild Iran when the theocracy crashes and burns.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:54-In 5 or 10 years time Somalia will still be a ruin only Iranians will rebuild their country after the crash of Theocracy which will be much sooner than you think!

Anonymous said...

anti-islamic republic posters who are mainly if not exclusively iranians of middle class or upperclass backround

your solution to poverty is a liberal system of have nots and haves unlike in current iran where the islamic government has concentrated on the poor since its beginning

irans poor do not need immediate food aid they are much better then poor even in some western countries

for what somalia is gong through 25 is nothing they need more like 500 million

Anonymous said...

---" irans poor do not need immediate food aid they are much better then poor even in some western countries"---

name one western country that has more poverty than does Iran?

Cutting the subsidies and the high inflation rates in Iran are only making things worse.

Anonymous said...

ANON 10:46.....Middle and Upper class background? That is funny because when I was in Tehran 2009 there was a hell of a lot of poor working class people against the regime.Where do you get this information from the ministry of Islamic propaganda and guidance?
I have heard these things before like...They come from north Tehran...They are the spoiled rich kids....They are the minority we are the majority.....they are MKO...They are Shahists...etc..etc.Anyway most of the rich kids are in the Mullahs families now and there is a hell of a lot of them.

I could honestly say that the minority hold the guns and the wealth that is why they are in control for now on borrowed time.